Friday, September 3, 2010

New Quilt I'm working on!

This is a new quilt I'm working on! The pattern is called "Maddie Bea's" by  Silver Thimble/New Beginning Designs. We saw it at NQA in Columbus in June, and I'm now finally getting to it!  The kits are already made, just waiting for the sample!  It comes with a handy dandy tool, that is really three tools in one! First you sew 28 strip sets together and press. Then you use the middle size tool and line up the dots and lines, and cut all the way across each strip set. Each of these little units  get joined with another little unit, and cut with the tool again to form the cute little patch!  You make a bunch of these little cute patches and then join them all together with sashing and borders! I think I can get all the pictures posted from my sewing room! Hope you like it!  We only have 6 kits though, so maybe only 6 of you need to like it! Haha!  We could always try it in another color way! 

Tomorrow is our Fall Open House! 

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