Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancin' with the Stars Sewing!

Good morning!
    Last night while watching Dancin' I worked on a new small quilt. I know, I know, how many projects do I have going on at the same time?  I think I have ADD, it isn't pretty. Haha!  But Dancin' was great! I love that show!  Enjoy your day, and I hope you all get to sew!  Oh, by the way, while I'm working on this project I'm planning our next Small Quilts Club project!!! Stay tuned!!
Here is the Dancin' project, ready to quilt!


  1. Oh how cute! I have no wool, suppose it could be attempted in all cottons? Love crows and blackbirds, must do something with a dark bird for fall.

  2. Thanks Wonky Girl!! It sure could be done in all cottons! I'll write up the pattern soon, and hope to have it quilted in the next few days! Try wool applique sometime, I think you will love it! You don't have to turn the raw edges under and it adds so much texture!! Thanks so much for following!