Sunday, November 20, 2011

My helper

Always so helpful! The cover kitty, Gray, that was on Primitive Quilts and Projects cover, Fall Issue!

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Few days later, a little progress!

I went back to Doctor after feeling like I was relapsing.... Rib area hurting from pulling heavy dolly of magazines, and coughing aggravating it all....... this was Thursday I think, nope Wednesday. I started the Cheri Payne project night before. They said I had bronchitis, and strained ribs, possibly hairline fracture! Sheesh! So I have been resting a lot, didn't feel like sewing. Today feeling a little better, so decided to lay out wool pieces, glue down, and maybe stitch a bit after a nap! here is a picture with pieces all laid out and ready to stitch! I'm hoping to get my class gals together to work on it before the next class. Thanks for a great pattern Cheri!

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Working on a Cheri Payne pattern for small quilts class!

I do have some pictures from Market and Festival to post still, but have just been busy with things going on at the shop. Now I'm working on a sample for class on Friday! A customer friend asked me to design a partridge in a pear tree, or twelve days of Christmas quilt, and I happened to have just recently purchased this pattern while in California! So Cheri is sending patterns for all my class ladies! Why reinvent the wheel? Very cute pattern, can't wait to get it done, because I want to do her Nativity pattern also! Hehe!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My daughter, Kristen, is modeling Lisa Bongean's project! Too fun!

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Location:Another location shot!

I'm finally feeling better, not completely, but almost there! Since we got home from Houston, we started shooting pictures! Having fun at a beautiful home, really nice family, and lots of coffee!

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Location:On location for the Spring issue!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look what I had to buy!

I have been really sick while at market, and spent hours in an urgent care between market and Festival! Yuck! Feeling a little better now, and had to buy this beautiful book from Quiltmania, by Yoko Sato! So pretty!

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