Thursday, June 11, 2015

I can't believe how long it's been!


I really can't believe how long it has been since my last post! Where has time gone? I'm sure I haven't been any more busy than any of you......just doing work, and things. There is one really big thing though......well,

small too!


My first grandchild Henley is here! She's actually two weeks old now!


So you can imagine, I haven't gotten much done, other than I did make a baby quilt for her just before she was born! It was fun to use the nice bright fabrics for a change! If I have a photo of it, I'll share it with you!

This is before it was done, but that's all I can find in my photos! Maybe next time I go to Kristen's house, I'll get a picture of it!

The past few Wednesday's, while my stitching friends are with me, I have been finishing up some older projects! Here are a couple....

This is "A Time to Sew" by Cheri Payne. It's the second time I made it! Loved it both times!


This is by "Simply Put Plus" patterns! I finally finished the hand quilting, and am ready to stitch the binding down.

I have a few more I'm finishing up also, but I don't have them with me to photograph today. I'm working at our shop The Painted Cupboard today, filling in during one of our employees vacation!

My book with Martingale is looking good! I got the pages to review last week! I'm loving how beautiful they have made it! It should be released in December! When they are ready, I'll post a picture of the cover and title!

Well friends, I'm sorry it has been so long, and I'll try to get back on a schedule!

Tell me what you have been working on? Have you finished your Life of Plenty quilt? Mine still needs quilted!

I hope to hear from you!