Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Quilts Club quilt before quilting!

Here is a picture of the Small Quilts Club quilt for tomorrow before quilting and aging! I hope to get that done today, as well as our free block of the week quilt assembled, so we can do the finishing kits during class tomorrow!  Wish me luck! Ha!


  1. Oh my, sure wish I lived close to you. I would be in the shop for the projects every week. Our two LQS are so boring compared to yours.

  2. WONDERFUL!! I just love this.

  3. Thanks so much Wonky Girl!! Maybe you can come visit sometime! In the meantime, we do have our website,, and have lots of projects listed there! The little Quilts Club quilts are there, or if not yet, will be soon!! Thanks so much for posting a comment! This has been a lot of fun for me!! Jeni

  4. Karen! Thanks very much! I really loved making the Cheddar Churn Dash! So much so, I think I'll make a full or queen size!! I especially loved it after aging and drying it! It is so neat how they crinkle up like an old quilt! Thanks for posting a comment!!! Have a great day!