Thursday, December 19, 2013

A little decorating, and FINALLY! Some after shots!

Good morning friends!
   Let me introduce myself! I can hardly believe how long it has been since I last posted on here! I apologize, and won't go into all my excuses! We all are busy, right?  I'll try to do better! Maybe someone can comment on here and help me with a good way to post from my  I-Pad, I'm not having any luck with that like I used to. Something is wrong with the "app" I was using before.  Okay, on with the pictures! We still have some painting to do, but for the most part the main three front rooms of the house are done. We have some fixes to do with our yucky popcorn ceilings that came with the house, but maybe next summer we'll get to that. The painting came to a screeching halt right before Thanksgiving, and won't get picked up till after all the holidays. The kitchen will be next, including the cabinets! Then we will head up the stairway, and the upstairs hall, and maybe the master bedroom! One can only hope, right? Here are a few pictures of the rooms that are pretty much done with decorating and painting!
Ooops! They all appeared, and out of order! Ha-ha! This is my first antique purchase about 28 years ago, when my husband was out to sea in the Navy! It has a mirror also. I bought it with my first paycheck from the Dental assisting job I got when I got out of the Navy! This is in my dinning room.

This is part of my antique Christmas ornament collection. My favorites. I sometimes put an artificial tree in my dinning room and hang them all on it, but since Chester came along, they are much more safe on the Chandelier!

This decorating and cookie baking, is all tooooo boring!

playing with the empty cardboard tube is pretty boring too!

Really? More pictures mom?

Cute little childs ice skates I found this year! The penny rug was made by my friend Janice, out of the book, "Cold Winds Blow" by Blackbird Primitives.

Well, if you must take more pictures, I guess I could pose really cute!
(I caught this cute look while taking a larger shot of the room, and had to do a close up to share!)

This shot was to show you a neat antique penny rug I bought from a customer! I'll do a nice shot of the whole thing soon for you. It's really neat!

Not a great shot, but it is my living room. My favorite part is the fireplace and built in china cabinet. It is still teal inside from the previous owner. What color should I paint inside? Any ideas?

Sorry there are so many and that they are in random order!  My dinning room, peaking into the Family room past the pocket doors. The hem is coming loose on my blinds! AAGGHH!

Forgot to move the sweatshirts in the kitchen! Haha!

My other favorite part of my house, the built in china cabinet!

We left the  fireplace, china cabinet and stair rail the original wood. We will live with that for a bit. Couldn't decide whether or not to paint it.

This is looking from the Family room into the Living room. Another thing I love about this old house. Those cool columns. I love dressing them up at Christmas. Sometimes I hand my Christmas cards off the garlands. And I have Gingerbread boys I made that I hang there too. Haven't done either yet!

Random dark shot!

Yum! Wheat and gluten free cookies! Peanut butter with chocolate chips!

My son Kris made this paper plate angel when he was 3 or 4. I turned her into a tree topper, and use it every year. She has the sweetest crayon drawn face! The Antique glass topper is from my Parents tree of many many years! This is the first year I have used it. If you go to last Christmas's post, you can read about my Mother's pear ornament, and our Christmas traditions!

What do I do with the space behind the old piano? Any idea's?????
all the windows in the house are replace, except for the two front windows that have the original leaded glass at the top. They will remain as long as I live here, even if the COLD WIND BLOWS in!!!!

Wonder how long the table will be clean and useable?

Looking into Family room from Living room. Hubby is napping in the recliner! ha-ha! Shhhh don't tell him I left this one on the blog!  Yes, there is still a pumpkin head doll on the wall, but I love her.
Pinterest lead me to make some snow globes.  Fun, but tricky to keep from leaking!
I hope you enjoyed my little decorating show! Tonight is our Open Craft Night x-mas party I hold for my customer/friends each year. I'll try to remember to take some pictures to share with you!
 Please comment and give me some idea's on what to do with that bare space behind my piano, and also I have the same problem behind the flat screen TV in my family room!
I wish for you all a Peaceful and Christ filled Christmas!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lightening up a bit!

We have lived in our home for 20 years. It is over 113 years old at least! When we bought it, it had recently stripped wood work in the three main first floor rooms. We loved them, but the house was a rental for many years before we bought it, and was abused. This week we decided to paint and freshen up the house! Here are a few pictures.....


Of course, there is stuff misplaced, as we move things from one room to another, so it looks like a jumbled mess! A few days from now, I'll post new pictures of the "After" and hopefully it will be all put back together! Some of you may "Gasp!" Over the painting of the woodwork, and I totally understand! It is beautiful for the most part, but the parts that saw abuse, are not so beautiful. Probably only my husband and I would notice though, because we are the ones who have seen it every day for 20 years! The dinning room is pretty much done now, and today we worked on the family room. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow. My husband is a slow painter, but he does a wonderful job, even though he hates painting. You would never know it, as pretty as it looks when he is done. Must be that "attention to detail" he learned in the Navy ( I may have picked up some of that Navy detail stuff too.) I painted for seven hours on Saturday, and all afternoon today. Enough for me till tomorrow! I'll post some pictures in a few days!
No sewing this weekend, except for our booth backdrop for Fall Market, coming up very soon!
Talk to you soon!

Location:County Hwy-1,Williamstown,United States

Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend of pumpkin quilting!

This little quilt, was what I worked on during my Small Quilts club class on Friday! Too fun! It was very quick to put together, using the Marti Mitchell Tumbler ruler! Our class project was made the same way, but making larger tumbler shapes with the ruler. I had planned on quilting the bigger class project during class, but the ladies liked having it pinned up so they could look at the color layout while they sewed! So I made this one!

Here is the larger one, getting quilted! I'm just about halfway done! I love my machine, it just hums along!

Okay, time to get this one finished! Have a great day! (Even tho it's Monday!)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beginnings of next little quilt!

I have my September Small Quilts club class on Friday this week. No surprise that it is Tuesday, and I'm just in the planning stages! I have a bunch of tumbler pieces cut out, and will start joining them into rows in just a few minutes! Do you think there might be a pumpkin involved with this project? I'm feeling it!

Chester is napping under my chair, while I work! What a sweet boy...

More to come! Have a beautiful Fall day!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A project finished at last!

This is a quilt pattern by Jan Patek in the book "Twixt Garden Gate" I believe! I actually had it made all but the borders about 9 years ago! Last Christmas, during some off days, I put the borders on and quilted it on the shop long arm. We had a retreat a month ago, and I stitched the binding down! Yay! Something for my house finally! Haha!
I took today off, and have spent most of the past two hours getting help from Apple over the phone in updating my iPad! I can now use the better blogging tools! Yay again! Haha!
Now, for some fun sewing! I hope you all get to sew today!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fooling around!

A lady asked me to teach her to make a Pineapple quilt, so I was practicing making them using various methods, and found the one I like best! Here is the picture of my block! I feel a quilt coming on!!!!! And the little journal cover was our Wool Club project for this past Tuesday! Fun fun!
Have a great evening!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Do you quilt on the weekend?

I was just thinking about the fact that it's Friday! I love my shop, the customers who visit and the customers who have become my close friends, but the weekend gets me excited thinking about the possibility of some sewing/rughooking/crafting time! I do sometimes get a little of that in during the week, and definitely on Tuesday's when I'm working at home, but Sunday afternoon, usually is time I can devote to playing if I'm not working on a sample for the shop!  We have Open Craft Night at our shop on Thursday evenings and customer(friends) come and work on their projects with us. It is so much fun, and relaxing to me, and leads the way to the weekend, getting me in the mood to do more!  Last night I was working on a new hooked rug, that I hope to put into my book! I'm telling you all this,  because it will make me actually do it! Haha! Kind of like a diet. You feel more obligated to stick to it, because you sure don't want to be embarrassed!  Oh, by the way, I think I told you all about my Wheat Free diet and exercise a while back. I  have walked regularly and stuck to the plan and have lost 22 pounds! Yay! Chester is very happy about all the walking! I will give you a sneak peak of the rug soon! Here is a picture of a pillow we did in wool club! This one was completed by Carolyn!
Have a wonderful day, and let me know what you are working on this weekend!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Doing some appliqué today!

I'm working on my sampler quilt, and just about done with the appliqué! Here is a tiny peak! Should I hand quilt it? I think it would be so relaxing! I'm not good at outlining with a machine, so maybe by hand is the answer! What is your favorite way to quilt?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sneak peak and Chester in my sewing room!

Good morning!
     I hope this post finds you all sewing away the morning! I have a sneak peak for you of a project I'm working on for a book, and pictures of my furry friend. Chester has figured out how to open the screen door to my sewing room, so he has been barreling through the door to go sorting through the trash, all my shelves of fabric, and just about anything else he can get in his mouth!  I had the screen door put on to keep the kitties that used to live here off my fabric, and to keep Chester out! That didn't last too long! If  I have it latched, he just lays out there and cries! I never heard a dog cry so much! He is my buddy, I guess that is why! This morning we took our usual walk, but much faster since it was so nice and cool! We walked by my daughter's house she is now renting and saw one of the kitties in the window looking out at us! I wonder if she was happy to see me and Chester? I know they secretly loved for him to chase them through the house. I'm sure Chester misses them. He still looks for them when he sneaks in the back door of the house coming in from outside. I'll have to take him over to Kristen's house when she is awake for a little visit. That should be interesting!
  Here are some pictures for you!
my buddy at my side!

His beautiful smile!

Oh! What can I find in this corner?

(out of order! Ha!)  That was tiring going through all Mom's stuff!

I'll just lay here on Mom's foot while she cuts fabric!

See the little red Felt Ball in my mouth I found on the floor? Fun!

Nice safe spot to chew on fabric under Moms chair! Can she see me?



 How in the world do I ever get anything done? Look at the mess!
The little block is for my Small Quilts Club class on Friday!


Sneak peak of my book project! Ready to quilt!

That was a ton of pictures!  I didn't realize I selected "ALL" and they all just popped right on the block out of order of course! You get the picture! (literally)
Have a wonderful day and get some sewing done, will ya?

Monday, July 22, 2013

playing catch up!

Good morning!
    This morning Judy and I walked our dogs together and had a nice long walk! Since then I have been trying to download some pictures to share from my I-Phone. I have done this a few times, and for some reason today, I can't remember how! I did manage to email them from my phone to myself. One of them I actually found where I saved it, but the others I wasn't so lucky with. So I will figure it out when I have more time than this morning and share them with you. The pictures below are of my newest Small Quilt club quilt, which we do have kits of at the shop! If you want to order one, just email the shop at The other pictures are of a workshop we had at the shop a week ago with Joyce Weeks of Geoff's Moms pattern company! We had lot's of fun! Joyce and I did some shopping also while she was in town, and lots of fun visiting! What a nice lady and great designer. It is so nice to have some of her quilts hanging in the shop! Thanks so much Joyce!
   Here you go!
This is called Patriotic Patchwork! Kits are available!
Joyce and I forgot to get our cameras out before four other ladies left, so they didn't get to be in the picture! Sorry ladies!!  It sure was a fun day! Food was yummy too! You can see Joyce's beautiful quilts on our walls!
The picture below is of the Woolen Willow Booth at Spring market in Portland Oregon!
This next picture is of Lisa Bongean and me in my booth! She did a very nice blog post a couple weeks ago, Thank you Lisa!  Wait till you see the beautiful wool quilt she sent us for an upcoming magazine issue! Wowee! So pretty!
Judy is working on the Dawn Heese project that has been in all four issues of the magazine this year, and it is turning out so nice! She will be posting on the magazine blog so go check that out! Also, the magazine newsletter starts today, so if you aren't already on our newsletter mailing list for the magazine, go to the and get signed up! There will be a drawing for an Aurifil thread set, and also there is a free pattern for a sewing kit I made up!  Thanks for coming to my blog today, and I will try to figure out how to get those other pictures on here today, so hopefully I'll have something  new to show you tomorrow! Time to run and proof the photos for the next magazine! The house we shot them in was wonderful!
  Talk to you soon!  And I hope everyone gets some stitching or rug hooking in today!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Picture of Chester

This was to go with earlier post, but didn't work! Hope it does this time! If not, I'll try again later! Ha ha! Hang in there with me please!

It's been a long time!

Hi there friends! I know it has been a long time since I have posted. Soooo much has been going on, and I'll have to think a while to fill you in! I'm trying out a new blogging program, so I hope it works! I have not been able to use my "Blogpress" from my I-Pad for a while, it just won't stay open. Maybe Its obsolete? It was so easy to just post anywhere I was. I think it is a newer updated version, and I'm not updated!
This morning, my puppy Chester and I went for our regular walk around town, it was nice and cool for a change, which always makes it easier to walk farther! He is a great walker... No pulling! So now I'm sitting at my beloved Janome 6600P, ready to start free motion quilting on my small quilt from my class yesterday! I'll post a picture when it's done!
The Fall issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine is shipping on Wednesday! It is so pretty and has great projects! The Winter issue photo shoot is coming up in a couple weeks, and I can't wait to get started staging the shots with Tonya! The house is amazing!
Okay, this is a trial post with this new program, so I'll close for now, with plans for another post with a giveaway this weekend! So be on the lookout!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back from a wonderful retreat!!!

  We just got back from a wonderful Quilting/Rughooking retreat!  It was at the beautiful Blackwater Falls in West Virginia! We had a great time, and I wish I had taken even more pictures than I did! I have a feeling there will be some pictures posted by other gals who were there, so be on the lookout!! Here is a slideshow of some of our fun!! I'll post again soon, with more to tell you! Late for work! Haha! The picture above is of my parents looking at the beautiful Falls! It was spectacular!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Stll Room at the Retreat!

Just a quick note about the retreat! There is still room and an extended deadline! If you go to you can join the Facebook also, and through the shop, and be notified of any future retreats also! Sally posted a picture of one of the projects that we will giving away as a door prize at the retreat! One of many!  We have been busy creating a lot of great hand made gifts to give all our retreat attendees!! I hope some of you can come along with the many ladies from all over the country who have registered!

Friday, March 15, 2013

And the winner of the quilt is.........

The winner of the little quilt is.......... Julee!!! Congratulations Julee! Please email me( with your address and I will mail it to you!! I will put a little label on the back this weekend! Now I have to make one for myself! Haha!
     Here is a picture of it all finished with the binding, and also a picture of a new little rug mat I made for a class tomorrow at the shop, and also to take kits to our Retreat at Blackwater Falls next month!
    I hope you all have a great weekend! I plan on sewing or hooking tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon!