Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beginnings of a new Wool Quilt Block of the Month!

This is the start of a new Block of the Month Wool Quilt! Those of you who have been in the shop have seen it in this state of progress for a while! Sorry! I'm going to get it going ASAP!  Still figuring the price per month and how we will break it up!  It will be about 56" x 56" when finished!  All wool, including the background is hand-dyed!  There is only about 6" of stitching on it so far, and If I can remember to take it down from the wall and bring it home, I will get it finished!!

Have a wonderful Fall day!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Having a nice lazy day!

Having a nice lazy day at home.  Kristopher and I watched the newest Star Trek movie together!  Making Chili for my hubby who had to work today, then going over to Gretchen's house for a cookout!  We have our last Mystery Harvest Shop Hop meeting tomorrow in Pomeroy, OH. The shop hop starts a week from Wednesday! I hope everyone likes our project for the hop! The kits are all made! Yippee!

No sewing yet today, but I did get a great idea for a bag to hold my laptop!  I'll post pictures as soon as I start on it!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Churn Dash quilted!

Here is the finished and quilted Cheddar Churn Dash!  It will be on the website for sale along with all the other small quilt club kits and patterns!  Class was loads of fun as usual!! Can't wait for the next one! I wonder what it will be????

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Quilts Club quilt before quilting!

Here is a picture of the Small Quilts Club quilt for tomorrow before quilting and aging! I hope to get that done today, as well as our free block of the week quilt assembled, so we can do the finishing kits during class tomorrow!  Wish me luck! Ha!

A few pictures from our shop The Woolen Willow!

Here are just a few pictures from The Woolen Willow and The Painted Cupboard (our other shop

The top picture is a couple of our gals working on quilt kits, the second is my sister/partner Gretchen doing a heap of paper work! Yuck! Still smiling though! The others are pictures of our attached shop full of great primitives! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sneak peak at Small Quilts Club project!!!

Good morning!  Hey! I'm getting better at this blogging now that I have my laptop! So nice to have right in my sewing room to snap a picture and post right away while having morning coffee or a favorite evening show while sewing!!  Here is the sneak peak at the Small Quilts Club project for this Friday!  I do like going traditional for these quilts, they are my favorite style!  Hope you like!!! Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancin' with the Stars Sewing!

Good morning!
    Last night while watching Dancin' I worked on a new small quilt. I know, I know, how many projects do I have going on at the same time?  I think I have ADD, it isn't pretty. Haha!  But Dancin' was great! I love that show!  Enjoy your day, and I hope you all get to sew!  Oh, by the way, while I'm working on this project I'm planning our next Small Quilts Club project!!! Stay tuned!!
Here is the Dancin' project, ready to quilt!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun at the shop today!

Today sister Judy was at shop along with Janice my helper and Susan our Painted Cupboard helper!  We had a photographer there taking pictures of some of our projects for a great new idea we had that we'll let you in on very soon!!!  I had to take down all the quilts and rugs I had just put back up from the show we did last week! Lol! Oh well, all for a good cause, and I suppose up and down a ladder is good exercise!  Here are a few pictures, one is Janice showing Leah, Judy's daughter and Judy how to needle punch, and another of our photographer, and one of a cute purse we just had made for the shop that only uses 6 or 7 jelly roll strips! I will post the picture of it being made by our helper Penny also!!  Have a great evening!

Good morning!

Good morning! 

This morning at 6AM I went for a walk with my sister Judy, and her dog Boomer! It was so nice out and we walked for about 50 minutes! I feel great! So far I have lost 17 pounds and 12 inches! Yay!!Time for breakfast and shower, then off to the shop! Photographer coming to take pictures of my rugs and quilts for a new project I will let you know about very soon!!! Exciting!!  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Covered my design wall finally, and a quilt that needs finished!

This is a small design wall, as I do mostly wall hangings. But there is room to grow on that wall if I need to!  I covered the foam board with Sandcastle "quilted fabric" that I aged. I had two pieces, so where they meet, I'm going to put some ric rac or something fun. I covered the nails with buttons!  I know I should put some flannel on it, so I wouldn't have to use pins to hold my blocks up, but I like it. It is all changeable after all! I don't think that is a word, but I like it too!  I really would like to paint the walls a pumpkin color, so when I get around to that, I will probably make the design wall bigger and cover it with flannel. I will, of course, have to age the flannel and make it look nice and grungy!  I hope you all are sewing or doing something you love! I decided to come downstairs to be with my honey for the rest of the evening. It was a nice relaxing day!  Changeable must be a word, because spell check didn't seem to care about it! ha!

A little sewing time!

I found a little sewing time at the shop Thursday night at Open Craft Night on my new little Janome!  I can't remember the name and number of it, but I'll post it tomorrow! It is their new upgrade to the 760 Platinum "featherweight type." It weighs nothing, and comes with a nice sewing table attachment. Also it has the wonderful scissors button, so you never need look for your scissors when you sit down to sew! Of course, many other great features, but I haven't gotten to use it much yet, so I will post about them later! No, we don't sell sewing machines, but I love it so much!!! Our friend across the street at the Sewing Bee sell them!  I made a little log cabin block with extra wide borders, for a small wall hanging with wool applique. I only got the log cabin part made at Open Craft night, because of Tornado warnings! Everyone left early. Saturday at the shop we were a little slow, so I did the applique cutting and basting there, and hand stitched the wool down at home last night and today!  Hope you like the picture!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Show in Sharonville, OH

This past Wednesday through Saturday, Gretchen and I went to a show in Sharonville, OH to vend for our shop!  It was a nice show and we felt worth doing again next year! The drive was easy, or maybe we should check with Gretchen on that one, she drove!  We stayed in a Homewood Suites by Hilton. It was really nice and felt like home!  They had complimentary breakfast and dinner! I don't know the amount of quilters that came through, we felt like maybe our location in the building wasn't all that great, but we signed up for the show a little late. Even so, we did well, and next year should be better if we get a better location! We did have fun as usual!

Back at the shop the gals ran things smoothly like they always do, and it is great for us to know things will go fine without us and we can trust our wonderful helpers!

When we pack for a show, it seems to go faster than putting it all away when we get back.  Today was day two back at the shop and we are not done! AAGGHH! Maybe tomorrow!  We did get two new lines of fabric in while we were gone, so re-doing the displays makes it take longer.  Pretty new stuff!!! Can't wait to make something with it!  Our small quilt club quilt will be made with some of it! Come take a peek!

Tonight I bought a laptop, so I'm getting familiar with it. I think I'll be able to post more often, and it will be great to take up to my sewing room too!  So keep watching!!  Tomorrow morning I plan to work on my "Maddie Bea's" quilt more!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Quilt I'm working on!

This is a new quilt I'm working on! The pattern is called "Maddie Bea's" by  Silver Thimble/New Beginning Designs. We saw it at NQA in Columbus in June, and I'm now finally getting to it!  The kits are already made, just waiting for the sample!  It comes with a handy dandy tool, that is really three tools in one! First you sew 28 strip sets together and press. Then you use the middle size tool and line up the dots and lines, and cut all the way across each strip set. Each of these little units  get joined with another little unit, and cut with the tool again to form the cute little patch!  You make a bunch of these little cute patches and then join them all together with sashing and borders! I think I can get all the pictures posted from my sewing room! Hope you like it!  We only have 6 kits though, so maybe only 6 of you need to like it! Haha!  We could always try it in another color way! 

Tomorrow is our Fall Open House!