Thursday, September 24, 2015

Something to cherish


Have you ever been given a gift that took many years to make, that you knew about from the first day the handwork had begun?

Our Mother, AKA "Ask Mom" started a quilt years ago. I believe she started it somewhere around 1999. It was for a quilt shop sample of a Block of the Month program for a local shop that we helped and taught classes at. Before she got very far making it, the owner decided to close the shop and gave Mom the rest of the fabric to complete the quilt because she knew Mom was going to eventually give the quilt to me. I can't remember for sure, but I think our Mother was still working full time as a Legal Secretary, so she worked on it when she had time, knowing speed wasn't necessary since the shop closed. Every so often I would see her working on it, and she just loved doing hand applique. Finally the quilt was all put together and ready to quilt. mom was a wonderful hand quilter, and made the most beautiful stitches. I knew it would take her some time to get it completed, but I wasn't in a hurry. As Mom's eyes began to get worse with Macular Degeneration, I watched her progress when she would bring it out to quilt on, and she seemed a little more in a hurry to finish it. She was worried about her stitches.

The day finally came when the quilting was complete, and ready to bind. mom was having trouble sewing straight lines on her machine, so she asked if I could sew it on for her so she could get to the hand stitching. When it was done, I told her she should hang on to it for a while to enjoy in her home. That many years working on it, I knew she really grew to love the quilt. My turn would come. About a week or so ago, Mom gave me the quilt. It is so beautiful. I can see where her eyes started to fail while she was quilting, but it is still the most beautiful gift, and I have the perfect spot to enjoy it for years to come in my sewing room, where I work most every day. I can't wait to show it to my Grandaughter, Henley, as she seems to love looking all around my sewing room and house at the quilts on the walls. I sewed a sleeve on the back the past couple days, and got it hung up today. I hope you enjoy the photos of our Mothers handwork. The quilt is a pattern by the late Linda Brannock.




Thank you Mom, for the most special gift.






Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hello friends!

It seems I'm having difficulty staying on task as far as blogging and designing! Can you blame me? Look at these cheeks!!

But I do have a bit of news for you! The newest Woolen Willow website is up and running, since we re-opened the shop! I know it's a bit confusing, but it's! We have my hand dyed wool listed and wool applique kits patterns and books! We are also taking pre-orders for signed copies of my book! Go to the website and check it out!!! I do still have my website....but it is mostly quilt patterns with cotton, and wool applique.
Little Henley will be going to a new day-care soon a couple days a week, and her Daddy will be watching her one day a week also.......sooooooooo, Grandma will be making some new things very soon to share with you!!!
Thanks for being patient with me!!
Have a lovely evening!



Thursday, August 6, 2015

A few finishes! And a peek of my book cover!

Hello! It's been a bit since I last posted, and I haven't done much in the way of new things....but I was working on finishing some older projects. I showed some pictures last time, of them not done, so here they are all finished!



This is by Lynda Hall, from Primitive Pieces by Lynda. I love it!

This is by Cheri Payne, called "A Time to Sew"


This is a pattern from me!

This next photo is of a sweet little machine I bought from a neighbor! It's from the Standard company, and the machine is called Sew Handy! The Singer company bought Standard, and this little machine was the prototype for the beloved Featherweight! I just got it back from being cleaned and a new belt, and electric wire added! It sews really nice! I wish the paint wasn't all chippy though. They came in 4 or 5 colors. I have the case, and all the attachments and manual! Sweet!


This is what is keeping me happily busy! Watching sweet Henley! She has just about grown out of her portable bassinet, now that she is almost 10 weeks old, so I put up a pack and play in my sewing room, with a Monsters mobile! She loves it, and I can get work and sewing in a little more now! Haha! (I just have to lay her down and no kiss her so much) Not!


And for some great news!!!! Here is my book, that will be released early December! Thanks Martingale!!!!



I'll have more details, as it gets closer, but you will be able to purchase the book from my website, from Primitive Quilts and Projects website, from your local quilt shop, Martingale, and other places as well! I'm really excited for you to see the projects when it is released, because I had a lot of fun making them, and Martingale did a fantastic job photographing them all, and laying out a beautiful book! I sure can't wait to get my hands on the first copy!

Judy and I will be at Sauder Village in Archibald Ohio next week for the rug hooking show! Maybe we will see some of you there!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great weekend!



Thursday, June 11, 2015

I can't believe how long it's been!


I really can't believe how long it has been since my last post! Where has time gone? I'm sure I haven't been any more busy than any of you......just doing work, and things. There is one really big thing though......well,

small too!


My first grandchild Henley is here! She's actually two weeks old now!


So you can imagine, I haven't gotten much done, other than I did make a baby quilt for her just before she was born! It was fun to use the nice bright fabrics for a change! If I have a photo of it, I'll share it with you!

This is before it was done, but that's all I can find in my photos! Maybe next time I go to Kristen's house, I'll get a picture of it!

The past few Wednesday's, while my stitching friends are with me, I have been finishing up some older projects! Here are a couple....

This is "A Time to Sew" by Cheri Payne. It's the second time I made it! Loved it both times!


This is by "Simply Put Plus" patterns! I finally finished the hand quilting, and am ready to stitch the binding down.

I have a few more I'm finishing up also, but I don't have them with me to photograph today. I'm working at our shop The Painted Cupboard today, filling in during one of our employees vacation!

My book with Martingale is looking good! I got the pages to review last week! I'm loving how beautiful they have made it! It should be released in December! When they are ready, I'll post a picture of the cover and title!

Well friends, I'm sorry it has been so long, and I'll try to get back on a schedule!

Tell me what you have been working on? Have you finished your Life of Plenty quilt? Mine still needs quilted!

I hope to hear from you!



Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Come to our Retreat!!!!

Good Saturday morning, everyone!

The last couple days, my daughter and I have been in Mechanigsburg PA, at the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine Summer issue Press check! We have our magazines printed at Frye Communications. It's about a 5 1/2 hour drive for us, if we don't stop. My daughter is just in her third trimester with my Grandaughter to be, so you can imagine we do stop, and I like to stop at Quilt shops and antique shops along the way also! We had fun, and if you get the PQP newsletter, you'll see pictures of the press check. I think there may even be a video on the PQP Facebook page! If you don't get the newsletter, go to the website and sign up! We have give a ways through it all the time! It's free!

While we were out of town, I stitched a little on this tiny quilt by Cheri Payne, it's called A Time To Sew. I made one a few years ago and gave it as a gift, so this one is for me!


I plan on working on it a bit today also.


Okay, on to the retreat! Go to, and see all about it! It will be in Marietta Ohio, close to several Quilt shops, and Antique shops! The date is June 18- 21st! I hope you can join us, the spots are filling up!

Okay, that's it for today! Here is Chester playing in my sewing room!


And.....trying to steal the Kleenex!

Happy Easter!



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Borders! A Life of Plenty Quilt ready to quilt!

(Click on the photo, to see the entire quilt!)

Good morning! I completed the borders, and have a free foundation piecing template for the corner blocks on my website for you!

For the inner border, I cut four strips 1 1/2" wide x the width of the fabric, from a navy blue check brushed homespun fabric. I sewed the sides on first, pressed toward the strips and trimmed the excess off. Then I sewed the top and bottom strips on, and pressed and trimmed.

For the outer border strips, I cut from two different brushed homespuns, two 5 1/2" strips x the width of the fabric. I sewed the sides on first, pressed toward the strips and trimmed the excess off. Next I measured the distance between the seams of the two side border strips at the top and the bottom, added 1/2" to the measurements, and cut the top and bottom strips to those measurements, hopefully the measurements are the same! Mine were off 1/8", so I decided not to worry about that. Sew the corner blocks to the ends of each strip, press toward the strips, and then sew top and bottom borders onto the quilt, matching up the seams.

Now, to make that backing and get to quilting! I hope you will share your finished quilt photos with me! Since the front has so much going on, I can't decide if I'll piece my back or buy a large piece for the back.....maybe I'll decide today. What will you do?

Oh! For the paper piecing, to make it easy, I cut four navy prints 3" square for the centers. That way I had a uniform seam allowance on all four sides, which made it easier to line up the next four triangles around it. For the first row of triangles, I cut two 4" squares of a gold stripe, and cut them in half diagonally, per block. This way, I could align the long edge of these triangles up with the edge of the center square, flip it all over and sew on the line, knowing it would fit perfectly once pressed back. The second row of triangles were made by cutting two 4" squares of a red plaid, and cutting them in half diagonally, per block. To help line up, I laid the fabric down so the edge I was sewing would touch the point of the previous seam, and then just move it above the seam by 1/4". This way, there is plenty room to press back after sewing the seam. It worked out nicely this way, and there was minimal waste!

I hope you enjoy making the borders, and I left you lots of room, in case you want to use some of the block templates to put applique in your borders! I think that would look so pretty! Please share if you do this, I would love to see!

Have a wonderful day!



Monday, March 16, 2015

The winner of the wool!

Good morning! Well, I know, it's almost afternoon, but I do have a winner drawn! Drum roll please...............

Karin E. Of All Country!!! Karin, if you will email me your address, I will send you some lovely wools to play with! My email is! Congratulations!!

I've been debating over the Life of Plenty borders this past week and weekend, and have sewn on the first border! It's a skinny one, and I'll decide on the outer border hopefully by the end of today, and post a picture in the next couple days with instruction!

A little shot of some of my wool stash, wishing to be made into something yummy!

Have a great day!