Monday, May 2, 2016

#mystashymystyle challenge is extended!

Hello! Good news! We have decided to give you a little more time to finish your #mystashmystyle projects! You have until Tuesday May 31! So get busy, and share them with us! I have one of the entry's posted below for you!!



This gal posted on make sure and check out her post at #mystashmystyle! Thank you "sliceofpilife"

If you would like to get a refresher on the rules....look here...

When I was deciding on what to make from Tonya Alexander's book "Stash Lab" I wanted it to be something that I felt I could make my own, and that would go with the decor in my house. I chose her Dresden quilt project, because I thought It would be fun to do , and it had applique, which I love!


I had so much fun picking fabrics from my scrap bins and shelves, and decided on just doing three blocks. Sorting through my wool shelves, I found a lot of different colors and textures to make my leaves, and the vines are from an old army blanket. For the centers of the dresdens, I decided to do penny circles! After all the handwork, I felt a little hand quilting was in order as well!

You will want to go look at Tonya's blog, to see what she made, just in case you missed it! I'm planning on doing another of the projects from "Stash Lab" myself, so keep watching, and don't forget to use the #mystashmystyle when you post your project! If you don't do Instagram, just email your picture to me at!

I finally had some time to lay out the "Churning Stars" blocks from my hopes to get them all sewn together this luck with that, but my sewing machine is still calling! Here it is up on the design wall...

If you missed my post about "primitive is not a color" click here!

And here is the runner from my book, made by one of my Wednesday stitching friends!

I love the fabrics she chose!

Today was my day to watch little Henley! Growing too fast, and on the move all day! Grammie is pooped, so have a good night and get those #mystashmystyle projects done and share them! We are very excited to give you a little more time, and see what you have made!

Good night!




Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take along projects

Here I sit in the waiting room.......why didn't I get my take along project to bring with me? I brought my I-pad, so I could check and answer emails. I brought my planner and spreadsheet for upcoming issue designers. I brought my "things to do" notebook, my "bamboo Spark" in case I wanted to play with new designs. What am I doing? Wishing I had some hand sewing along! There is a lady in the corner of the waiting room knitting away on what looks to be a wonderful sweater! I'm getting jealous!

This sweet grand baby Henley is getting a tiny tube put in her tear duct today, so it will quit getting clogged and infected. Grammie is sitting in the waiting room.

I usually have some hexagons to sew, or some applique to work on, but for some odd reason, it never crossed my mind to bring something. What do you have for your take along project?

Share your take along project in the comments!

Have a wonderful day of stitching,



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What does your stash look like?

Good morning stitching friends!

Last week my Sisters and I went to Quilt Festival in Chicago! We had a great time, met a lot of wonderful quilters, and worked out booth. Gretchen and I gave demonstrations on Rug Hooking, and Punch needle embroidery! It was a lot of fun, and I especially love roaming the isles, looking at all the beautiful quilts! I found some really pretty fabrics and patterns that are completely out of my comfort zone! But you know, now that I have little Henley in my life, all of the sudden, I'm wanting to make things she will love! Haha! This leads me to the title of my blog......What does your stash look like? Mine looks like this......

This isn't all of it, but as you can see, there isn't much contrast and there aren't bright and colorful fabrics! So you see, I really need to feed my fabric stash! One of these days I'll finish organizing my fabric and get it all folded nicely. My wonderful hubby built me a wonderful sewing room above our garage a year ago, and at first I was hog wild on re-folding my fabric.....then I just wanted to sew!

This is a little fun rolling cart I found to hold most of my scraps that I have organized by light and dark. I also trimmed them all to about 2 1/2" strips. When I want to just play and creat something, I pull it close to my machine and go! The shelves behind, hold fat quarters, and larger, that are too small to fold onto the comic boards for the larger shelves. Nice and handy!

Today, while my stitching group is with me, I plan on working on another idea for the #mystashmystyle contest! What will you be working on! Remember to follow on Instagram! And don't forget to check out what Tonya Alexander has made!

Hurry and get those projects made and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram! If you don't do social media, email them to me at, and I will post them for you! Just one project will enter you in the contest!


If you need a refresher on the details of the contest, go here......

Have a wonderful day!!!



Monday, March 28, 2016

What are you making? #mystashmystyle Contest!

I'm so excited to see what you might be making! We had winners drawn last Wednesday on Tonya Alexander's blog, and on mine. The gal whose name I drew, hasn't responded yet to me can check out all the details for the contest again for a refresher, if you haven't started yet on the post last Monday!


Tonya will be showing you what she has been working on over at her blog,

Here is her book...

Okay! Let's let the fun sure to follow on Instagram, and share your photos at #mystashmystyle!

Here is what I have been working on from Tonya's book Stash Lab...

I decided to just make three blocks, and turn it into a table runner. I used wool for the border applique and the centers of the Dresden blocks.

It is so fun to see how different a project can look by just changing the colors!


After years of owning a quilt shop, I never had much time to hand quilt, even though I love to. Tonya inspired me to hand quilt this, because her quilt looked so wonderful hand quilted.

What projects from our books will you be making? We can't wait to see!

Here is my book...

If you didn't win the e-book, and would love to get started on one or more of the projects, go to


Happy quilting, and watch for Tonya's post!



Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And the winner of #mystashmystyle kick off giveaway is.....

The winner of the kick off giveaway is..... Susan Potts!

Susan, just send me an email at to get your prize!!!! Congratulations!





Monday, March 21, 2016


Good morning stitching friends!

After owning a quilt shop for over ten years, I have gathered that most people have a "color sense" that they love, and that it can be difficult to see a style without judging it by its color. If you saw my last blog post "Fear not, Primitive is not a color," you will know what I'm talking about! It was always fun to show a customer a quilt in a couple different color ways and see their reaction! So in honor of this idea......I would like to introduce you to my new Martingale/That Patchwork Place author buddy, Tonya Alexander. Her book "Stash Lab" is full of beautiful bright quilts!

I happened to meet Tonya at Quilt Market this past Fall when she came up to me before the School House presentation I was about to make. I was nervous about it, never having presented there before. You would think after many years of teaching classes and presenting to quilt guilds, that I wouldn't have been nervous.....but I was. Tonya said she was nervous too, but encouraged me and stayed to watch. I instantly thought to myself that she was "buddy" material!

A couple of months after Market, I was looking at Tonya's book, and decided to make that last post about style and color, and to play with a couple of Tonyas designs. I contacted Tonya, she played with some of my designs, and together with Martingale, we are launching a Challenge/Contest! Here are the details....


1. Choose a project from the book Stash Lab by Tonya Alexander OR the book Primitive Style by Jenifer Gaston. (The further a project is from your typical style and stash, the better!)

2. Reimagine, redefine, and remake that project in your own style, using your stash, your point of view, and your creativity. Change the colors, change the dimensions—even change the purpose of the project. It’s entirely up to you!

3. Post your finished project to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mystashmystyle and share how you changed it up. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Complete steps 1-3 and you’ll be officially entered into the MY STASH, MY STYLE contest! So, what prizes are up for grabs?

Prize pack includes:

We hope you will play along with us, as we kick off the contest this week, with a giveaway of Tonya Alexander's e-book, STASH LAB, and of my e-book, PRIMITIVE STYLE. To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment below about your stash style or a style you would like to try. We'll draw a winner on Wednesday, March 23rd so you can get started on your projects right away! There will be a winner from both Tonya's blog, and from mine, so be sure to go to Tonyas blog for a second chance to win!

Follow along on Instagram anytime #mystashmystyle

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Have fun stitching!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fear not! Primitive is not a color

Good morning friends!

Have you ever looked up the definition of Primitive Art, or Folk Art? If you have, you will find out that color has nothing to do with it! That being said.....most quilters who like the primitive style, usually go with darker or more subdued colors, but I think that is because it reminds them of an old antique quilt! If you look at an old quilt where it isn't a seam possibly, or an old hooked rug on the backside, where it didn't get much light.....often times you will find bright colors! The style actually is all about character...sometimes what the maker may have been trying to show about his or her life and surroundings. The quilt or rug may have been utilitarian or decorative.

Here are a few examples of bright Primitive or Folk Art style projects that have graced the pages of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.


This is Sue Spargo's Folk Art

Karen Bates

Kimber Mitchel, our editor

Buggy Barn

Geoff's Mom pattern

Dawn Heese

Aren't those wonderful?


I decided to re-make one of the quilts from my book "Primitive Style" in brighter colors. The quilt is a traditional style patchwork quilt, but it is very dark and scrappy in my book. I also plan on doing a few more of the more Primitive projects in bright colors as well, so be sure and follow along on my Instagram, Blog and Facebook! Here are the two images....I still have a lot of sewing to do!


The fabric I used, in case you would like to know, are from Moda....Fig Tree, Strawberry Fields revisited. I used only 5 colors. Aren't they such fun fabrics?!!

Watch for more "Bright Primitive Folk Art" projects being made for my book! If you would like to try some of the projects, you may purchase it here.....!product/prd21/4281555025/primitive-style-by-jenifer-gaston


Have a wonderful day, and feel free to share your Bright Prim projects with us!