Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free sew along part 13!

Happy Saturday!

I meant to get this up early this morning, but I actually slept in for the first time in I don't know how long! I'm an early riser.....ever since I was a kid. I loved getting to school as early as the early bus kids to socialize with my pals who rode the bus! Mom and Dad always got us up early on weekends to do chores, and for church. It was a good thing, because when I joined the Navy, I had to get up EARLY!!!! My husband is also a very early bird too, probably for all the same reasons. Even after I was out of the service, I liked getting up early to make my husbands lunch for work, and have coffee with him before he left. I was a stay at home Mom until our youngest was about 13. That was when we opened the Quilt shop. That early morning time was really nice for me, because it was a time for me to have some quiet before the short order cook took over once the kids woke up for school! It was a great time for sewing, or reading. I love my mornings, but today......that sleeping in really felt good. I must have needed the extra rest from all I have been up to lately!

Enough of that! are some shots of last weeks block all appliquéd, and then the new one!


Chester is sooooo glad there is a small bed in my sewing room! It's very tiring watching my fabric fly around!


The background is cut 7" x 13", to be trimmed down to 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" after applique is complete. It really makes for nice square blocks!

I used cotton brown print for the spool, green cotton for the 1/4" wide (finished) stems, and a red print cotton for the flowers. I have wools in different colors for the leaves, and green wool centers for the flowers. The template is on my, and you'll notice there will be embroidery on the spool! I plan to use a Valdani perle cotton with a back stitch on mine. I'll post another picture when it's done. I like needle turn applique for the cotton, so that is why my pieces are larger than the template, for my seam allowance!

I almost forgot! Make another row of flying geese! Instructions are in the Aug 26 post!!!

Have a great weekend, and most likely I won't get another block up until after Thanksgiving!

I'm loving all the pictures you are sending through email and my Woolen Willow Designs Facebook page! If you happen to be on my personal Facebook page, I don't ever post anything there. I'm sorry! Go to my Woolen Willow page by finding the link on my website!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Friday, November 14, 2014

Part 12 sew along is here!

Happy Friday!!!

I have no idea, again, how the week flew by! I didn't even finish stitching part 11 yet!

Here is part 12, unstitched of course!


The templates will be on the website soon, so in the meantime, gather your cottons, wools and velvet!

The background should be cut 9"x 13", and will be trimmed down after applique to 8 1/2" x 12 1/2."

I used cotton for the vase, flowers and stems. The stems were made with the clover bias maker, that makes a finished 3/8" wide stem. You will need about 22" of bias stem, if you are using that method. If not, you can just use the template, and do either needle turn, fusible, or wool applique! I used blue wool for the flower centers, a drab green wool for the leaves, and velvet for the heart. I plan on using needle turn applique for the vase and flowers.

Thank you so much for joining along with me!!

Have a great weekend,



Friday, November 7, 2014

Part 11, where did the week run away to?

Does anyone know where this whole week went? The crazy thing is that, I'm pretty sure that I didn't accomplish much! Maybe a time warp happened? Well, here it is, Friday, and I plan on accomplishing a lot! Here is part 11 for the sew along! Cut your background 9"x9", center the applique pieces, using the template on sew along tab. After all the stitching is complete, trim the block to 8 1/2" square! I used all hand dyed wool, and wool thread from the collections of wool thread we sell on If you go there to order a set, make sure you sign in as a guest, even if you have an account, because there seems to be a sign in problem on the website.


I have some stitching to do, but here below you can see I've started on it this morning!


What else will I do today? I'm glad you asked! I'm going to work on my book! Here is a sneak peak of one of the projects!

Try to be patient, though, because it will be a year from now before the book is ready for sale. My part is to be done for Martingale by January though, so it's crunch time for me! So I plan on writing two more patterns today, and start a new quilt for it also!

I hope you all have a great weekend and get lots of sewing in!

Oh! And for all you fellow Veterans, I hope you have an awesome Veterans Day on Tuesday! Here are a couple of young looking people 32 years ago!

This is my boot camp picture! I was 18!


This is me, with my Grandma. I was headed to my first duty station.

And this is my honey!

Again, have a good one!





Thursday, October 30, 2014

Part 10, free sew along!

Good morning! Here is part 10, A life of Plenty, primitive sew along!

The house block is made the same as the previous house block, so you can find those instructions in the part 2 post. The word HOPE is on the template page if you need it. The pumpkin block background is cut 7" x 7", do the applique, then trim down to 6 1/2" square. I used hand dyed pumpkin wool, and a dark brown plaid for the stem. I embroidered the lines on the pumpkin with brown wool thread and a back stitch. The templates should be on very soon, so keep checking over there! I sent them over to my awesome web gal late last night, so hopefully, she'll be able to get it up there today for us!


Here is a photo of all my blocks so far, except a few flying geese units, that I fell behind on, working on my book. I plan on chain sewing those up in the next couple days! I can't wait, because all of the photo's you all have been sending me are so pretty! Keep them coming!!


Thank you all so much for following along, and for being patient through my technical issues!

Have a great day!!



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Retreat Survey!

Good morning friends! I have a survey for you! We have done several quilting/Rughooking retreats in the past years, and would like to start planning again! If you would go to this link and take the survey, it will help us in our planning!
Thank you!!!
I'm working on the next blocks for the sew along! I'll be posting that soon!!!
Thank you for your patience!!

(Chester is tired of waiting on those blocks too!)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finally! I think my technical issue with my IPad is resolved!

I have been on the phone with Apple, AT&T, and my internet provider. I got a new router, and a new modem. I installed the latest software through iTunes. I've emailed back and forth with the developer of Blogsy, which by the way, that man has a ton of patience! I could just imagine him shaking his head in disbelief that I could be so unknowledgeable about my technology, but was still so very nice and helpful! This evening, I said out loud in a very frustrated voice so everyone in my county could hear...."I wish I had a tech guru in my house!" My Daughters fiancé's Son said, "what's wrong? I told him, and he started chuckling. Seems he changed the date on my iPad two weeks ago when he was playing a video game and forgot to put it back!!!!! I chased him through the house of course! He is 13 and an athlete, and I'm a 50 year old woman! Haha! So, all this commotion has caused me to not get much done all week! So your next part to the sew along will be a couple more days delayed. I'm sorry! Have mercy on this poor un-savvy quilter, and I promise to get on track!! Here is the picture of part 9 from last week, that I posted on facebook.....


The backgrounds are cut 5"x 7", do the stitching with the templates provided on my website, and trim to 4 1/2"x 6 1/2" and soon, we will start sewing them together! I'm going to sew like the wind tonight, now that I'm not stressed about technology, and the next part will be up soon!!

Thanks so much for your patience!



Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hang in there with me please!

Good morning!
   I'm still having some technical difficulties, and really it is all me, just because I have so little knowledge about this stuff! I finally got my internet problem solved, and now today, I hope to have my Ipad problems solved! If you wondered where part 9 for the sew along went, I posted it on my Woolen Willow Designs Facebook page, and the templates are on my website! I will get part 10 up this weekend, and hopefully that will be the end of my difficulties with it! Thanks so much for hanging in there with me and being patient! I am loving all the photo's that are being shared with me of your blocks, so thank you so much for that! Gretchen and Judy are at Market in booth 328 if any of you are there, they will also be at Festival! So stop and see them! I stayed home to work on my book, which is somehow coming along!
    Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for the next part of the sew along!!