Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last minute FREE project for Christmas!

Hello friends!
   I hope you all have been having fun on the Primitive Christmas Blog Hop, put together by Buttermilk Basin! Don't forget to go to Primitive Gatherings blog tomorrow!
  I found a little project yesterday that I had forgotten about! It is one that I offered for my Wool Club at the shop! It's called Gingerbread Boys!  Some of us  made napkin rings out of it, or Pillows or just a cute table mat! I hope you enjoy the pattern! Take a picture and email it to me! I love show and tell!
  Let me know if you have trouble printing it! I'm still learning my new printer and how to do these things on my blog!

if the link below doesn't work for you, right click on the image, save it (mine said, "save target") to" Documents" in your computer and print!  Sorry for my lack of computer skills! I'll figure it out soon! I'll keep working on it! Check back if you still are having trouble later today or tomorrow!  Thanks!
Click to download the pattern! choose to open the document to your computer, then print!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Primitive Christmas!

Hello Friends!  I hope this finds you all ready for Christmas! Is all your shopping and decorating done? Would you believe that I have not started shopping?  I did buy one gift for my Daughters stocking yesterday. And I did make my husband a quilt! What is the age when most people don't have stockings for grown children? Ha ha!  I thought I would tell you all about my favorite family traditions!

The first tradition is when I was growing up!  Our family went out to the woods to get a tree every year. I have four siblings, a brother and 3 sisters. We also had a dog, and it was the only time we saw Mom touch the dog! She would pick her up so someone could wipe her feet to put her in the station wagon after running through the woods! Its amazing "Tippy" never ran away at the tree farms, because anytime you opened the door at home, she was gone in a flash! We always sang in the car together, the whole family!  We put out tree up on Christmas eve.  Mom worked in the kitchen making our Ham for after Christmas eve service. After the tree was all decorated, she would come in and put her special cotton spun pear ornament on the tree! She gave me the pear a few years ago to add to my old glass ornament collection. I told her I would only take it now under one condition. That is if she puts it on my tree every year! So when our family all gets together at the next tradition I'll tell you about, she puts it on my tree! Here are a few pictures!
This is Me (on right) and Gretchen (who took this picture?) at Christmas in about 1978! How about those feetsie Pajamas! The doggie was our second pet, Sonny! He was so soft!
This picture, is us three Primitive Quilts magazine owners: Judy on left, Me in the middle, and Gretchen on the right! The baby is Leah, our office manager! She is who you usually talk to if you call the Magazine! Leah is Judy's daughter! How about that sweater I'm wearing! Ha ha! I think this picture was taken around 1985, you probably guessed that by Gretchen's hair and my sweater though!
This is Moms cotton spun pear ornament! I love it, but unfortunately Chester my dog loves it too! When we were shooting the Winter issue 2012 at my house this summer, I had it in a couple shots on the tree's in my house. I had laid it on the table after the shot, and Chester who was just a year old, jumped up and had it in his mouth! Now one side of it is a little yucky. Darn it! I was so sad.  Needless to say, it isn't out at all, until Mom puts it up high on the tree this Friday! Which leads me to the next tradition and my favorite of all now!

About 20 years ago, my sister Sally and I decided to start a tradition our kids would look forward to. Everyone in our family sings and plays an instrument. Mostly guitars! So we had our little kids at the time decorate construction paper song book covers, and Sally typed all the songs up with guitar chords, for every Christmas song we could think of! We use them every year, when everyone comes to my house for the "Annual Falcsik (my maiden name) Family, Potluck dinner, Sing-a-long Christmas party! Everyone brings an instrument, and we sing, sing and eat!  This year is our 20th annual party! Here are a few pictures! I wish they were better!

We sure have a lot of fun! Our party is this coming Friday night, and I am really looking forward to it! I'll take some new shots for a new post this weekend!

Okay, on to the ornament pattern for you, and the recipe!

This recipe was given to me by my sister-in-law, Kasondra. Her Mother-in-Law gave it to her! It is now my husbands favorite! The batch I made for the blog hop photo is now gone! I will have to make more this evening for our party on Friday! I hope you enjoy it, and that it becomes your favorite also!


Now for the ornament! I played around with this idea, and I hope you will like it! It is a cute little sheep ornament made from a Christmas carol scanned onto Cotton fabric to put through your ink jet printer! I have it all scanned and made, you just print it out on Cotton fabric, cut and sew! The song is Silent Night, from a very very old Sunday School book I found at an antique store! After I made my sheep, I aged him with some strong coffee spray!  My sheep is wearing a red wool collar with a tiny key hanging from it! The "key" to remember this season, is the Lamb of God was born Christmas night!

I have another sheep ornament pattern on the Primitive Quilts and Projects website. It is smaller in size, and made from wool. There are also other ornament patterns to download there! Remember to print this pattern out on Computer cotton fabric, and use tiny stitches on your machine, because it is pretty thin fabric, and it will make it easier to turn inside out once you sew it! Save the pattern picture to your computer documents, then print. If you just print from the blog, it will come out smaller. (if for some reason the pattern doesn't download, I'll fix it when I get to the shop today, where Gretchen, will help me!)
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Be sure to check out the next stop on the blog hop on Wednesday!  Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Secret Christmas present!

I'm making a quilt for my husband for Christmas! I'm pretty sure he won't see this post! Ha ha! The quilt is actually all sewn together as of a couple nights ago, all but the border! I hope to get it quilted on Friday! I think I can secretly get the binding on in the early mornings after he leaves for work. If not, my friend Sandy has offered to put it on. She is really fast and does a great job, so we'll see how things go! I have always wanted to make a quilt for our bed, and after almost 20 years of making mostly small quilts, I decided it was time! I think he'll be very surprised, and love it!  There will also be some tools under the tree! Somehow, now that I wrote that, it seems like I will also be benefiting from these gifts! ha ha! The tools are for furniture building, and the quilt will be on our bed! Hummm, funny how that happens! Maybe I better think of something that will be just for him too! LOL! I'll post a new picture when the quilt is done!
     Happy day to all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My little sewing machines!

Pay no attention to the angel legs in the top right hand corner of the picture! Ha ha! I never said I was a photographer! I just thought I would take a shot of my sewing machines on a shelf in my sewing room! The top left machine is electric and works! It's a Betsy Ross, given to my older sisters from our Cousins, and then handed down to Gretchen and me! The large one I got from one of our vendors in our Painted Cupboard shop within our Quilt shop! The other two you can't see as well, but there is a cute little red toy machine, called Gateway, and the little black Singer! I'll do better shots when I get done moving all my stuff in my sewing room!

Someone asked how to get the pattern or kit, of the cute Stars, Canes and Holly's quilt I made last week! Just call the Woolen Willow at 304-375-WOOL (9665) and we will take care of ya! It goes together quickly, so you can get it done in time for your Christmas decorating or gift giving! I finally got the red binding on mine, but didn't take a new picture!
I was up in the middle of the night last night, and watched a cute Debbie Macomber movie with Faith Ford as the main character. It was really nice. Just couldn't sleep, and I should have worked on my log cabin quilt I started last weekend, but I didn't. I have three sides of strips to put on my 30 blocks still. Wonder if I'll get it done in time for a Christmas gift?????  Tonight is Open Craft Night at the shop, so I think I better take it with me to work on this evening, because I really think I want to give it to my husband for Christmas, along with some tools! He loves tools, and is building a step back cupboard to sell in the shop. I wonder if he'll make one for me too?
    Have a wonderful day, hopefully full of sewing!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Furry Friends in the sewing room!

Just sharing a cute photo of my keeper of the 2 1/2" strips! I am sewing some log cabin blocks today, for a quilt for my bed finally! I thought it was time, after almost 20 years of quilting, to make one for myself! Oh, I will share it with hubby, I guess! ha ha!  I turned around to cut another strip, (because I just fly by the seat of my pants when making quilts and didn't have enough cut) and she was laying on my fabric nice and cozy! This kitty is Grey, one of my Daughter's kitties, named after Grey's Anatomy, her favorite show! ha ha! Here is the other one, Peepers, sleeping in an empty basket I just stuck under my wool cabinet!
I just moved my sewing room into my Daughter's old room again, She moved back home a little over a year ago with her kitten's and then just moved out a few weeks ago. HMMMM, I think she forgot some things! They think this is still their room. It is nice to have my sewing room back in this space, I made some changes since the last time. I really like it, even though it is small, it is bigger than the laundry room! I will take some pictures soon, when I finish moving in. For now, I will sew. I'm home today with Pink Eye, of all things. Luckily I can work from home, and did get some designer emails taken care of! No wool club tonight, but I should be good to go for Craft night at the shop on Thursday evening! Hope to see some of you then!
     Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun teaching class!

All done but the binding! I'm using strips of the reds left over for a scrappy red binding!  Here are a few pictures from class yesterday!  Today I taught needleturn applique, and invisible machine applique. Everyone liked the Needleturn best! Not as much to prepare! It was a very fun both day of classes! Tomorrow after church I plan to SEW!!  Or, maybe I should clean up the house and start decorating for Christmas?  If I do decorations I will do a show and tell!