Monday, October 14, 2013

Lightening up a bit!

We have lived in our home for 20 years. It is over 113 years old at least! When we bought it, it had recently stripped wood work in the three main first floor rooms. We loved them, but the house was a rental for many years before we bought it, and was abused. This week we decided to paint and freshen up the house! Here are a few pictures.....


Of course, there is stuff misplaced, as we move things from one room to another, so it looks like a jumbled mess! A few days from now, I'll post new pictures of the "After" and hopefully it will be all put back together! Some of you may "Gasp!" Over the painting of the woodwork, and I totally understand! It is beautiful for the most part, but the parts that saw abuse, are not so beautiful. Probably only my husband and I would notice though, because we are the ones who have seen it every day for 20 years! The dinning room is pretty much done now, and today we worked on the family room. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow. My husband is a slow painter, but he does a wonderful job, even though he hates painting. You would never know it, as pretty as it looks when he is done. Must be that "attention to detail" he learned in the Navy ( I may have picked up some of that Navy detail stuff too.) I painted for seven hours on Saturday, and all afternoon today. Enough for me till tomorrow! I'll post some pictures in a few days!
No sewing this weekend, except for our booth backdrop for Fall Market, coming up very soon!
Talk to you soon!

Location:County Hwy-1,Williamstown,United States