Monday, September 26, 2011

Look what I got for my Birthday!!!

His name is Chester! Isn't he sweet?!!!! I have been wanting a new little furry friend for so long, since our sweet Taffy left this world a little over a year ago. He is perfect and loves his new home! (And Dad!)

"What's been going on," you ask?

I have been a very busy gal!  I know, I know, aren't we all these days??
   My daughter and I vended at a quilt show in GA last week, and even though it was a lot of driving, we had a really great time!  Those Cobb County quilt guild ladies really know how to throw a nice quilt show!!  Then this past week, we were busy putting everything back in the shop that we took with us, and then I had Small Quilts club to get ready for! Here I will post a picture of my newest design that we made on Friday in class!  We made lots of extra kits! I'm also posting pictures of open craft night a few weeks ago, where one lady was making a needle felted bird, and our Carolyn was hooking a rug we did for a block of the month!  I still haven't made mine! Geesh! Also, I'm posting the picture of my Hexagon quilt all quilted! I kept forgetting to take a picture! That quilt is from Kathleen Tracy's "Civil War Sewing Circle" book!
   Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post! I'm looking forward for you all to see the Winter issue of the next Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine! It is close to being printed soon!  We are also working on a quicker method of shipping, and have a new permit pending! So hopefully by the time the Spring issue ships, it will be very quick! No more waiting forever!
    If you are wondering what ever happened to that challenge quilt, fear not! I have not forgotten! Now that the quilt show is out of the way, and you know how much work it is getting ready for one of those, I can get back to that challenge quilt! Yay!  Stay tuned!  Enjoy the pictures, and have a great week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New little project by Simply Put!

Good morning!  I finished stitching on a little project by one of our upcoming designers for the magazine!  You will love what she made for the Summer issue, but you will have to wait to see that! Her name is Laural Arestad (hope I got the spelling right!) and her pattern website is She has really nice things, so go check them out! Here is a picture of one of my favorites, all ready to quilt! I think I'll quilt it by hand! This one is called "Count your Blessings."
Oh, speaking of hand quilting, I finished quilting and binding my little hexagons quilt, but then accidentally erased the picture I was going to post! I'll try to remember to take another today. 

Remember I was talking about the changes at the Woolen Willow?  WELL, I have sweet talked my honey into painting for us! Here he is!.....

He is a keeper!!!  He hates to paint, but does such a good job! No drop cloth or tape! Makes my wrist hurt just thinking about how big this place is! LOL! here are more pictures, some walls have the quilts back up again, and of course, in different spots than they were before! Why not move things around while you can, right???

I am loving the new color! It is called Paprika!  I'm thinking I might have to paint my sewing room this color too!  Two walls to go, and then I'm gonna try and sweet talk honey into doing two walls in the wool room! Wish me luck!!!
    Have a great day everyone! Hope you all get in some sewing time!