Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun in the sewing room today!

Today after Church and lunch, I hung out in my sewing room. I have been in there as much as I can lately. My furry friends love to be in there, but the (large) puppy isn't allowed in there because it seems to be the kitty sanctuary! I think I'm going to put a screen door on the doorway though.  De-furring the ironing pad gets old, And I don't think I want the fur all over my fabric. I do love the little furry friends though. They provide me with a lot of comic relief! Here are a few pictures of them, and also of the quilt I am still working on for my class this past Friday! I have some applique still to do in the borders. What I'm working on at the same time that you might see on the cutting table is a pattern by Country Threads that I'm making for the Humane Society's Auction in a few weeks. Our shop donates a quilt each year, and in the past it has been a sample we are not using any more.  The past few years though, I have made special one just for the occasion! I purchased this pattern last year at Spring Market in their booth! It says "don't shop, Adopt!"  So far I just have the pinwheels and half the checkerboard blocks done.  Next will be applique! Thanks Country Threads for the wonderful pattern!
   Oh!! Check out my post from a few weeks ago! I finally was able to post the pictures! I don't know what happened to change the ability, but it did!
     Have a great week!
This is Grey kitty. She is the star on the cover of the Fall 2011 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine! She belongs to my daughter, Kristen. Kristen says she is now a Diva!
This is Peepers. She is in the Winter 2012 issue. She is "Big Stuff" and is the boss of Chester, below!
Poor Chester.  He  just wants to be their friend. He is only 1 1/2 years old. He carries on and cries to hang out with them!  They hiss at him. Poor baby! This is outside my sewing room. The hallway, no one wants to vacuum. See my TV cable?  I'm married to an electrician! Ha ha
Sorry these were sideways! I forgot to turn them before posting! You get the idea though, I bet!!
    I hope to finish the border applique soon! But I have a deadline for the humane society quilt! Better get busy!!! 
         I hope you get to sew all day tomorrow!!




Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun Weaving Project!

   Happy New Year,  first of all! I'm sorry to have been so long posting. I got sick right before Christmas, and well, I just got a little behind things again!  I'm feeling much better now, and last night we had our January Wool Club at the shop!  We made cute little woven mug rugs! I got out lots of strips left over from previous projects and bags of selvages from our hand-dyed wool! A fun time was had by all! Here are a few pictures!!

Remember the quilt I was making for my husband? WEllllllll....... I got it done, and my friend, Sandy put the binding on for me, to help keep the surprise. A couple days before Christmas I decided to wash and dry it before wrapping it up!  I took it out of the dryer, and the fabric I used for the border had disintegrated! Just in spots, but it was just ruined! I cried my eyes out and honey heard me and came running. So he saw his ruined surprise! I was pretty darn upset. But thankfully it was just the border, and I am cutting it off and putting on a new binding. It was just a 2" border, so it won't change the size too badly. Thank God I didn't use that fabric anywhere else in the quilt. It was older fabric from about 15 or so years ago, and a little looser weave than most quilting fabrics. I just loved it, so used it not thinking it would fall apart! Yikes!  I'll post a new picture of the quilt for you, as soon as I figure out why I can't insert a picture! Oh, he loves the quilt any way, and couldn't believe I took the time to make it for him! Yay!
  Okay, time to figure out the picture thing! Stay tuned!