Monday, November 29, 2010

Idea for Christmas cards!

Thanksgiving is over and I had a few days off from the shop!  I have been working on a Secret Santa gift for a lady on an online group I belong to! I was done, and then I thought to myself, "Self? what am I going to do for a card?" And then it hit me! I went to the store and got some blank cards, and started playing with my wool and cotton scraps! Here is what I have so far!  The second picture is my daughter Kristen's little 6 week old kitty "Pea" sleeping in front of the fire! She loves it there! I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! If you go over to the Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine, Judy is giving away Calendars and we also have free projects to download! The first two projects are Christmas ornaments I designed for our quilt shop! There will be something new each week!!  Anyone ready to start decorating for Christmas??? I am!!! I'll try to post some pictures once I start!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Quilt Club Xmas project!

This is our project for tomorrow at Small Quilts Club! Fun and quick!  I had a ball making it and wanted to hand quilt it, being so small, but my quilting finger is wounded from quilting the Perfectly Perched quilt! LOL! So I did it on the long arm this afternoon! After class, I will grunge it up a bit!!  Have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Open House at the Woolen Willow and Painted Cupboard!

Here are some pictures of the shop on Saturday for our open house!
This is Janice decorating Gretchen! We sure had the shop in a mess trying to get decorations up for Saturday! We stayed late two nights in a row!
This is Gretchen being a Christmas tree! LOL!

tree in wool room with handmade ornaments! Hopefully there will be more one day! Ha!

another shot of the wool room! Love the little sheep on the tree!
Entering Woolen Willow from Painted Cupboard! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

A few pictures to share!

Here are a few pictures from our fun at market!  The dancing pictures are at the Moda party! The first one is of Me(left) Gretchen(middle) and Judy(right) the first morning at Market! Before the feet were tired and the bags full! Lol!

This one is Gretchen, two ladies we met just then, and Judy walking to the Moda party! Funny thing was that the lady next to Judy told us she was from California but was born in Pittsburgh at the Magee Women and Childrens Hospital, the same place Judy and I were born! Small world! We laughed all the way to the party!

This is at the Moda Party with our fabric rep Mark!  Moda invites it's shop owners to a nice party and treats them to a great meal and entertainment! They had a really good band, and it was in a large box at the Minute Maid stadium! Lots of people got up and danced!

Judy, Me and Gretchen! 
Thats Jude in the middle of that crowd of dancin people with the red sweater on! Too much fun!

Judy striking a pose! The nice Asian man behind her was a lot of fun! He loved to dance!!

A very fun group of Asian friends at the table next to us! They loved to dance! 
Shop owners sitting at our table! Fun ladies! While we were dancing the lady in Blue grabbed my camera off the table and came out to take pictures of us!

Gretchen striking a pose!!! Did I say the band was great? They were! They started out with country music and only had a few people get up to dance. Then they started playing "She's a Brick House" and everyone got up! LOL! Needless to say, they stayed with songs from the 70's and 80's after that! LOL! It's a really nice thing that Moda does. Us shop owners really need to get out and loosen up after all the long days we put in at our shops! It's pretty darn stressful sometimes, and to have one of your fabric companies treat you like royalty and throw a party for you is really great! They really know how to show appreciation! Mr. Moda himself was there, and we made sure to shake his hand and thank him! He is a snappy dresser and really very nice!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Bye bye Houston!

We are on our way home now! The trip was successful! We found great designers for "Primitive Quilts and Projects" magazine, and great fabric, books, patterns and gadgets for the shop! Yay! We had trouble getting online in the Hilton for some reason, so I will post the pictures when we get home! I've got great shots of Gretch and Judy cutting the rug at the Moda party! Lol! Talk to ya later once we are home!!!!