Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little sewing time!

I found a little sewing time at the shop Thursday night at Open Craft Night on my new little Janome!  I can't remember the name and number of it, but I'll post it tomorrow! It is their new upgrade to the 760 Platinum "featherweight type." It weighs nothing, and comes with a nice sewing table attachment. Also it has the wonderful scissors button, so you never need look for your scissors when you sit down to sew! Of course, many other great features, but I haven't gotten to use it much yet, so I will post about them later! No, we don't sell sewing machines, but I love it so much!!! Our friend across the street at the Sewing Bee sell them!  I made a little log cabin block with extra wide borders, for a small wall hanging with wool applique. I only got the log cabin part made at Open Craft night, because of Tornado warnings! Everyone left early. Saturday at the shop we were a little slow, so I did the applique cutting and basting there, and hand stitched the wool down at home last night and today!  Hope you like the picture!

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