Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sneak peak and Chester in my sewing room!

Good morning!
     I hope this post finds you all sewing away the morning! I have a sneak peak for you of a project I'm working on for a book, and pictures of my furry friend. Chester has figured out how to open the screen door to my sewing room, so he has been barreling through the door to go sorting through the trash, all my shelves of fabric, and just about anything else he can get in his mouth!  I had the screen door put on to keep the kitties that used to live here off my fabric, and to keep Chester out! That didn't last too long! If  I have it latched, he just lays out there and cries! I never heard a dog cry so much! He is my buddy, I guess that is why! This morning we took our usual walk, but much faster since it was so nice and cool! We walked by my daughter's house she is now renting and saw one of the kitties in the window looking out at us! I wonder if she was happy to see me and Chester? I know they secretly loved for him to chase them through the house. I'm sure Chester misses them. He still looks for them when he sneaks in the back door of the house coming in from outside. I'll have to take him over to Kristen's house when she is awake for a little visit. That should be interesting!
  Here are some pictures for you!
my buddy at my side!

His beautiful smile!

Oh! What can I find in this corner?

(out of order! Ha!)  That was tiring going through all Mom's stuff!

I'll just lay here on Mom's foot while she cuts fabric!

See the little red Felt Ball in my mouth I found on the floor? Fun!

Nice safe spot to chew on fabric under Moms chair! Can she see me?



 How in the world do I ever get anything done? Look at the mess!
The little block is for my Small Quilts Club class on Friday!


Sneak peak of my book project! Ready to quilt!

That was a ton of pictures!  I didn't realize I selected "ALL" and they all just popped right on the block out of order of course! You get the picture! (literally)
Have a wonderful day and get some sewing done, will ya?

Monday, July 22, 2013

playing catch up!

Good morning!
    This morning Judy and I walked our dogs together and had a nice long walk! Since then I have been trying to download some pictures to share from my I-Phone. I have done this a few times, and for some reason today, I can't remember how! I did manage to email them from my phone to myself. One of them I actually found where I saved it, but the others I wasn't so lucky with. So I will figure it out when I have more time than this morning and share them with you. The pictures below are of my newest Small Quilt club quilt, which we do have kits of at the shop! If you want to order one, just email the shop at The other pictures are of a workshop we had at the shop a week ago with Joyce Weeks of Geoff's Moms pattern company! We had lot's of fun! Joyce and I did some shopping also while she was in town, and lots of fun visiting! What a nice lady and great designer. It is so nice to have some of her quilts hanging in the shop! Thanks so much Joyce!
   Here you go!
This is called Patriotic Patchwork! Kits are available!
Joyce and I forgot to get our cameras out before four other ladies left, so they didn't get to be in the picture! Sorry ladies!!  It sure was a fun day! Food was yummy too! You can see Joyce's beautiful quilts on our walls!
The picture below is of the Woolen Willow Booth at Spring market in Portland Oregon!
This next picture is of Lisa Bongean and me in my booth! She did a very nice blog post a couple weeks ago, Thank you Lisa!  Wait till you see the beautiful wool quilt she sent us for an upcoming magazine issue! Wowee! So pretty!
Judy is working on the Dawn Heese project that has been in all four issues of the magazine this year, and it is turning out so nice! She will be posting on the magazine blog so go check that out! Also, the magazine newsletter starts today, so if you aren't already on our newsletter mailing list for the magazine, go to the and get signed up! There will be a drawing for an Aurifil thread set, and also there is a free pattern for a sewing kit I made up!  Thanks for coming to my blog today, and I will try to figure out how to get those other pictures on here today, so hopefully I'll have something  new to show you tomorrow! Time to run and proof the photos for the next magazine! The house we shot them in was wonderful!
  Talk to you soon!  And I hope everyone gets some stitching or rug hooking in today!