Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wow! It's hard to leave the booth to take pictures!

Hi all! I left the booth a couple times today, but forgot to take my camera out from under the table! But I was usually on a dead run for a particular booth to buy for the shop, or to talk to a designer, so my mind was not on my camera! I'll try to do better tomorrow! I did find a couple of great Block of the Month quilts to bring into the shop to offer though! And we ordered some beautiful fabrics! I can't wait to get it all in the shop! Oh! And we ordered a lot of great trims to embellish your projects! Great fun!
More later!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another shot with Gretchen!

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More market booth pictures!

Here are a few more!

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Picture of our booth!

Here is a picture of our booth!

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First morning of Market!

The first morning of Market! About time to pull myself out of motel bed and start getting ready! I will take some pictures today and see about getting them posted! We got here Thursday evening, set up the booth yesterday, and it is a little crowded, but looks really nice! We will have a larger booth for Festival. We walked most of the show room floor last night, just to peek at the other booths! Really nice! My honey is flying home today after driving our booth out here for us and helping to set the booth up. He should be boarding his plane in a little while, hope he has a good flight! He'll be back next Sunday to help undo booth after Festival and drive it all back home! Thanks honey!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saltbox and Willow Trees progress!

I've been working on this the past three Open Craft Nights at the shop, and I think two more Thursdays and I'll have the border done. It will be on to the background, then somewhere in my house where the puppy can't reach it! LOL! As a matter of fact, all my rugs are rolled up and placed up high! I forget how long the biting and chewing lasts, since it has been 14+ years since I had a puppy! But the rugs are all safe for now!  Here is the picture of my progress! I have been working on it off and on for years, but am determined to get it done once and for all!
        Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Not much sewing going on!

I've been doing a lot of playing and sitting on the floor though, and walking my little Chester! My sewing room is blocked by baby gates, and there are a lot of shoes protected in there also! Haha! Tonight when I got home from a busy day at the shop,I played interference with the puppy for my husband while he worked on clearing out the flower beds. We were out all evening playing and working, and now have a very tired pup!
I did a bit of rug hooking at open craft night last night at the shop though, and it felt great to get a nice chunk done on my Saltbox and Willows rug by Emma Lou Lais! One day soon it will be done! It's been long time coming, always putting it on the back burner! Now every Thursday night, I plan to hook on it till it is done! I'll try to remember to take a picture of my progress soon!
I'm going to try to post a picture of growing Chester now from my I-pad... Hubby bought it for my Birthday and I'm trying to learn how to use it! Here goes!
Okay, no luck! I will look at the manual now! If all else fails... Right?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New sewing kit, Crazy quilt style! And Chester!

Good morning! I have a few pictures of my puppy boy, and a new sewing kit, made the Crazy quilt way with wool!   We did kits for them, and they are so fun to make! I might make one in bright colors for our customers who like "bright!" 

It's been a busy week working with Chester, trying to house train him! It started out wonderful, and we couldn't believe how good he was! No accidents for three or four days, sleeping all night in the crate! Then the "good puppy drugs" the breeder MUST have given him (haha) wore off! LOL!  So far there has been one accident per day, and a lot of biting on things! Oh, yes, I knew it would be this way when I wanted a puppy! I had one a long time ago when I was much younger and had a lot more energy and was home every day! LOL! He is still sleeping all night in the crate, which I love! I don't know how good I would do getting up in the middle of the night being older than I was with first puppy, and I could take naps back then! So I'm very happy about his sleeping habits! He is so sweet and loving, that we will look past his potty habits and just keep working on it! After all, it is usually a humans fault that he was able to go in the house! He loves to go for walks, and I love that it wears him out! Maybe it will help me shed some unwanted pounds too! So here are some pictures! One is of my daughters kitty Gray looking down at him while he sleeps! The kitties are letting him get closer to them, but not too close!