Friday, June 6, 2014

Our new Calendars!!!

Our new 2015 Calendars are ready for taking pre-orders! Just go to, and get your order placed! Last year we sold out in a month! This year, if you order before Aug.31, you get a special price! We made them bigger and easier to read. There are 13 beautiful photos from our magazine to enjoy all year long! These will fit in the nice frames you might already own that are made just for Calendars! They measure 13 5/16"x 24" opened up. Go check out the details!!



What have I been up to?

Since the closing of The Woolen Willow quilt shop, I have been working at home for my job with our magazine. I go into the office a few times a week or so to pick up patterns that might need testing or corrected for the magazine, or templates. I also go in for meetings, and if my help is needed in the antique and gift shop we also run, called The Painted Cupboard. When I need to dye wool, which I still sell in the shop, I do that there also! In my free evening time and weekends, which haven't been free up till now, I get to sew or relax! This is what I've been working on.....

These are blocks I'm working on from an old Linda Brannock book called "Quilt Album" and the pattern is called Primitive Star. They are all appliquéd wonky, and don't have points! I saw it finished on another blog....I believe, and asked her where it was from. I just love it!
This is a little sewing pocket I made for our retreat class at Blackwater Falls. It holds marking pens thread, scissors and pins! I can stick a few wonky star blocks in there too, and put it in my purse! It was fun to make, and I plan on doing up some patterns and maybe a few kits for when my new website is up and running!
Speaking of new website, it will be called! I hope you will come check it out!
So.....remember that new sewing room over the garage I told you about a couple posts ago??? Still waiting!!! The papers are all turned into the bank tho! Had to wait on our accountant to finish our taxes:( We have one estimate, and are waiting on another, then we should be able to start! I will definitely take pictures and share the process!
Okay, back to work for me!!! Have a terrific weekend!!