Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beginnings of a new Wool Quilt Block of the Month!

This is the start of a new Block of the Month Wool Quilt! Those of you who have been in the shop have seen it in this state of progress for a while! Sorry! I'm going to get it going ASAP!  Still figuring the price per month and how we will break it up!  It will be about 56" x 56" when finished!  All wool, including the background is hand-dyed!  There is only about 6" of stitching on it so far, and If I can remember to take it down from the wall and bring it home, I will get it finished!!

Have a wonderful Fall day!!!


  1. Lovely blue flowers. The colors and shapes are wonderful! Karmen

  2. Thank you Karmen!! Can't wait to get stitchin' and get it done!!!