Thursday, December 19, 2013

A little decorating, and FINALLY! Some after shots!

Good morning friends!
   Let me introduce myself! I can hardly believe how long it has been since I last posted on here! I apologize, and won't go into all my excuses! We all are busy, right?  I'll try to do better! Maybe someone can comment on here and help me with a good way to post from my  I-Pad, I'm not having any luck with that like I used to. Something is wrong with the "app" I was using before.  Okay, on with the pictures! We still have some painting to do, but for the most part the main three front rooms of the house are done. We have some fixes to do with our yucky popcorn ceilings that came with the house, but maybe next summer we'll get to that. The painting came to a screeching halt right before Thanksgiving, and won't get picked up till after all the holidays. The kitchen will be next, including the cabinets! Then we will head up the stairway, and the upstairs hall, and maybe the master bedroom! One can only hope, right? Here are a few pictures of the rooms that are pretty much done with decorating and painting!
Ooops! They all appeared, and out of order! Ha-ha! This is my first antique purchase about 28 years ago, when my husband was out to sea in the Navy! It has a mirror also. I bought it with my first paycheck from the Dental assisting job I got when I got out of the Navy! This is in my dinning room.

This is part of my antique Christmas ornament collection. My favorites. I sometimes put an artificial tree in my dinning room and hang them all on it, but since Chester came along, they are much more safe on the Chandelier!

This decorating and cookie baking, is all tooooo boring!

playing with the empty cardboard tube is pretty boring too!

Really? More pictures mom?

Cute little childs ice skates I found this year! The penny rug was made by my friend Janice, out of the book, "Cold Winds Blow" by Blackbird Primitives.

Well, if you must take more pictures, I guess I could pose really cute!
(I caught this cute look while taking a larger shot of the room, and had to do a close up to share!)

This shot was to show you a neat antique penny rug I bought from a customer! I'll do a nice shot of the whole thing soon for you. It's really neat!

Not a great shot, but it is my living room. My favorite part is the fireplace and built in china cabinet. It is still teal inside from the previous owner. What color should I paint inside? Any ideas?

Sorry there are so many and that they are in random order!  My dinning room, peaking into the Family room past the pocket doors. The hem is coming loose on my blinds! AAGGHH!

Forgot to move the sweatshirts in the kitchen! Haha!

My other favorite part of my house, the built in china cabinet!

We left the  fireplace, china cabinet and stair rail the original wood. We will live with that for a bit. Couldn't decide whether or not to paint it.

This is looking from the Family room into the Living room. Another thing I love about this old house. Those cool columns. I love dressing them up at Christmas. Sometimes I hand my Christmas cards off the garlands. And I have Gingerbread boys I made that I hang there too. Haven't done either yet!

Random dark shot!

Yum! Wheat and gluten free cookies! Peanut butter with chocolate chips!

My son Kris made this paper plate angel when he was 3 or 4. I turned her into a tree topper, and use it every year. She has the sweetest crayon drawn face! The Antique glass topper is from my Parents tree of many many years! This is the first year I have used it. If you go to last Christmas's post, you can read about my Mother's pear ornament, and our Christmas traditions!

What do I do with the space behind the old piano? Any idea's?????
all the windows in the house are replace, except for the two front windows that have the original leaded glass at the top. They will remain as long as I live here, even if the COLD WIND BLOWS in!!!!

Wonder how long the table will be clean and useable?

Looking into Family room from Living room. Hubby is napping in the recliner! ha-ha! Shhhh don't tell him I left this one on the blog!  Yes, there is still a pumpkin head doll on the wall, but I love her.
Pinterest lead me to make some snow globes.  Fun, but tricky to keep from leaking!
I hope you enjoyed my little decorating show! Tonight is our Open Craft Night x-mas party I hold for my customer/friends each year. I'll try to remember to take some pictures to share with you!
 Please comment and give me some idea's on what to do with that bare space behind my piano, and also I have the same problem behind the flat screen TV in my family room!
I wish for you all a Peaceful and Christ filled Christmas!