Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday's Small Quilt Club!

Friday we had Small Quilt Club!  We didn't have a really big class, but as always, we had a fun time!  I had posted a picture the other day of the quilt before it was quilted and aged, so I have replaced that picture with the new and improved one!  I'm also including a picture of the gals at class having fun making the cute house blocks! They went together really quick, and we made a lot of extra kits of them, if anyone would like to make the same little quilt! I'm thinking about making it up large with 12" blocks after our next show.  In class the ladies you see are Joy, Karen, Sue, Vera and Janice, left to right!  Jenny came for a little while to sit and visit! She wasn't in the picture though! I didn't think of taking a picture till she had already left!

Tomorrow Gretchen and I head off to the Mystery Shop Hop meeting in Pomeroy, OH at the Fabric Shop.  We are all bringing our finished projects to be photographed!  Then lunch with sister Judy at Panera! I'll post again soon! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new house quilt for small quilts club!

Friday is Small Quilts Club at our shop, and I usually wait till the last minute to get the new quilt designed and made! I was really pushing it the last two months, not having it finished in time, but finished enough to teach.  I worked on the blocks I designed last night along with a shop hop quilt project that is due to be completely finished by Monday for photographing, until after 10!  I was able to go to bed feeling like I would actually get them done in time. It was nice! I took the day off today to get the tops all ready to quilt, and Yay! I'm done!!! All ready to quilt, and hopefully I can get them quilted by the end of the day tomorrow. So after I get a little instructions written for both of them, I will head to the grocery store, as we are starving around here! Nothing good to eat, is what my Son says!!!  Hope you enjoy the picture! I'll post another once it is quilted and bound!! Have a great day!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A day with my girl

There was no sewing yesterday, but a day well spent with my Daughter.  I drove a van full of stuff to her new apartment!  My husband went down on Monday and helped her get it cleaned up and fixed a few things that were bothering him.  We had an older pretty love seat, a desk with a chair, and a cute painted chair from on of our antique dealers in the shop. We also had a fridge, she used in her dorm last year and her microwave.  So with the help of three strong young men she called, we got it all to the second floor apartment. One of the guys took the door off so we could get the love seat in, removed the yucky broken fridge from the kitchen and we got it looking pretty darn cute!  Yes the bathroom is old and not so pretty, but with her shower curtain, a scrubbed floor, pretty little rug and a picture, not too bad! We ran around buying a toaster, bed skirt and a little bit of food the rest of the day.  It was fun, and she loved the upholstered headboard we made for her bed! She seems very happy, even though we worry about everything. But she is our little girl you know!  She is buying herself a little furry kitten room mate today. Can't wait to hear from her!
    More later about sewing stuff!! Off to the shop!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daughter's new apartment

We went, we moved, we worried! Yikes! 

It was a very old building that was originally a hotel. The area is okay, nice houses and buildings around it.  Our daughter had told us that it was being renovated, but we didn't see anything remotely renovated at all!  The room hadn't even been cleaned yet, and the windows are rotting out of the sills! The kitchen, oh, don't even go there, or the bathroom for that matter!  She was told it would be ready, but the landlord acted to us like he thought he had another week to finish. My Husband, who is very  handy and an electrician by trade, feels like it would take a lot of money and time, way more than a week for it to be okay!  We came home late Saturday night, my husband hadn't smiled all day, and was trying not to come unglued and upset our daughter!  He drove back down yesterday with his tools and supplies and work on her place all day with the guy the landlord hired to work on the building. It has a long way to go, but at least it was cleaned up a lot and the curtains were hanging! Ha! She slept there last night, and I worried all night about her. I hope she was safe, comfy in her own bed, and not afraid.  Can't wait till she calls me this morning to find out. We will both go back down tomorrow with a older loveseat we had for her room, and a rug for her floor.  Hubby is building a headboard for her bed, and I'll cover it with batting and canvas. She will love it!  Pray for her safety and our sanity! Ha! 

No pictures, as I was in shock when I saw the place and forgot to take any! I'll take some tomorrow and post them!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tonight at Woolen Willow

Tonight at The Woolen Willow, we had our usual crowd for Open Craft Night. We meet every Thursday evening from 6-9, unless we have a show that weekend to prepare for or a holiday.  We laughed and laughed! I know I had tears in my eyes! Here is a peak at a project I'm working on that I stitched tonight! 3 down, 4 to go!

Today at the shop

Today at the shop I have many plans. Lets see if I can get any of them accomplished! Ha-ha! It can get crazy there, and sometimes you don't get anything done!  I have a new bom quilt I need to get worked on and figured out for pricing and things. 21 customers are waiting patiently!  If I can figured out, I will post the graph paper drawing, and then later the actual first block, which is hanging in the shop, waiting to be stitched!

Then there is the "freebie block of the week" that needs to be ready for Saturday! I have an idea of what it will be this week! It is free with any purchase, and each week there is a different one. At the end we put it all together with a finishing kit, that isn't free, but is reasonable!

The next thing (I probably should put first) is working on the Mystery Harvest Shop Hop quilt project! I have worked on it some, but it needs to be done by the next hop meeting to be photographed! Yikes! I have my work cut out for me! 

Hopefully it will a productive and busy customer day!

It can happen! LOL!

Gretchen said she would help me....then  it will get done!!  She is pretty busy herself, especially when I show her the list of patterns I found that I want to get into the shop! Ha!  Gretchen has been really busy getting through the mountains of paper work that comes along with having two shops in one! Yikes! Thanks to our trusty Susan and Cathy who work The Painted Cupboard side,  they can do some of that stuff to help too!  They also really help with getting our freebie BOW kits made! That is huge!!!! We make hundreds of those little buggers!!

Well, breakfast is over (faster than it took to make) and Eggs are almost done boiling for later!!
 I'll try to get on and let you know if I got anything done!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello and Welcome!  This is my first attempt at a blog!  I posted a picture of a cute little quilt I made from a pattern by "Quilts by Cheri" just a few months ago at a retreat our shop hosted! It is actually all quilted and bound, but I didn't get a new pictures of it yet! It is hanging in the shop with the patterns and kits, so I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow to snap a new picture! I will also try to get some pictures posted of new quilts and hooked rugs that I have designed. It has been a while since I hooked a new rug, it just was hard to find the time. I think that is why I loved the little pattern from Cheri. Finally I have created a fun space to do some creating and sewing, and found some time early in the morning! Way early in the morning!!!  I hope you will come back and join me sometime and see what is new!