Sunday, September 19, 2010

Covered my design wall finally, and a quilt that needs finished!

This is a small design wall, as I do mostly wall hangings. But there is room to grow on that wall if I need to!  I covered the foam board with Sandcastle "quilted fabric" that I aged. I had two pieces, so where they meet, I'm going to put some ric rac or something fun. I covered the nails with buttons!  I know I should put some flannel on it, so I wouldn't have to use pins to hold my blocks up, but I like it. It is all changeable after all! I don't think that is a word, but I like it too!  I really would like to paint the walls a pumpkin color, so when I get around to that, I will probably make the design wall bigger and cover it with flannel. I will, of course, have to age the flannel and make it look nice and grungy!  I hope you all are sewing or doing something you love! I decided to come downstairs to be with my honey for the rest of the evening. It was a nice relaxing day!  Changeable must be a word, because spell check didn't seem to care about it! ha!


  1. Love your design wall and the quilt you are working on.
    You blog looks really nice, love the banner and colors.


  2. Thanks Debbie! The Quilt is a Kim Deihl design, from one of her books! We had her as a guest teacher for a workshop a couple of summers ago! Thanks for commenting! One day, I will figure out how to do some custom stuff with the blog and put hooked rugs and things in the background! Need some extra sittin' time!!! Jeni