Sunday, April 6, 2014

Im a procrastinator!

I Jeni Gaston, am a procrastinator! I have had about four quilts that my mother made for about 3 years, to quilt.  I had actually started quilting one for her two years ago, only to find out that after quilting about a four foot square area, that I had used the wrong backing! So I took it out of the frame, and folded up and took it home to rip the quilting out! Well, I didn't get around to it, and finally a few weeks ago, started to take out the quilting. Our long arm lady at our shop, helped one day also, which was great!  Since we are closing the quilt shop, we decided to sell the long arm. We didn't think it would sell so quick, but it sold the first day! The buyers are picking it up on the 11th, so after work yesterday I loaded Mom's quilt, and today after Church, I quilted it, and another of her quilts! Two down, two to go! The second two are smaller. here are a couple pictures of her quilts!

Mom has always made such perfect points! I wonder who of her grandchildren might get these two beautiful quilts! They will be lucky!
    My Daughter and her fiancé are here cooking dinner, and then we plan to watch "Turn!" I'm so glad they are cooking, cause I'm pooped!
   Have a great Sunday evening!