Thursday, December 17, 2015

A couple give away contests!

Just a quick note! The Woolen Willow is having a give away of my new book! Go check it out! Also, if you don't already get the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine newsletter, be sure and go sign up on the website, because there will also be a give away in the next newsletter!

And we are doing kits right now of the hooked rug pattern in the book! We hope to get more of the kits figured out as well, so keep posted to our website!


I hope you are all getting in plenty of stitching and Rughooking.....I have been doing a bit of rug hooking lately, and I supported a local quilt shop "Bolts and Quarters" in Parkersburg WV today, and bought a few yards of pretty new Pam Buda fabric!


I already wasn't happy with the colors and ripped out! Hopefully I'll get back to it this evening!

Pretty fabric! Wonder what it will become?

Have a wonderful weekend!



Friday, December 11, 2015

Woooohooooo! The books came!

It was an exciting day! Even Chester was happy! Haha!

If you would like a signed copy you can go here;

If you are a shop and would like to buy wholesale for your shop go here;

I mailed out a nice stack of books today, along with some little kits from the Farmhouse Threads blog hop, and haven't had time to finish up my Christmas decorating....but here are a few shots around my house!

I guess I should take one this evening, so the lights will show up. Chester was thirsty, you can see! Oh brother! I haven't caught him doing that since he was a puppy! My tree topper is a little paper plate angel my son made in Sunday school! I love the sweet little crayon face, and globs of glitter! He is 23 now, and thinks it's funny I still use it. I'm hoping to vacuum and wrap a blanket around the base this evening, and finish up my decorating while baking tonight after dinner.


I gave away my old upright piano this past year to the cable guy, so I didn't have the normal place for my Nativity. Low and fits on my mantle, where I usually put my Santas! where to put the Santas? I may just leave them in the china cabinet beside the mantle. I'm sure it will all end up fine....I don't get too excited about everything being perfect anymore. I just figure Christmas will come and go with or without me being ready, so I think I enjoy it all much more now! Haha!

Here is a photo of most of my family at our annual Christmas sing along party! It was our 23rd year!



We were missing some....but hopefully next year, they will join us!

For those of you who ordered books....they are on the way!!! I hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aging a background

Good morning!

As I was working on sending out the last bit of kit orders from the Mystery Blog hop block, I was thinking about all the people opening their packages. They would see a light piece of fabric, some whitish wool, brown and red wool. Hmmmmm, that white won't stand out on the what?! So I thought I would explain what to do! When I was working on my design, I wanted to use a fabric that I had plenty of, to make kits with! So, you will find a nice muslin for your background! What is that you are saying??? Mine doesn't look like that in the photo? Oh!!! It's because I aged it! I like to use a very strong instant coffee/water mix in a spray bottle. I squirt it on, and then iron it dry! Here is the before and after.....

Start light, and add more as you need!

Now....some may say it might break down the fabric years and years from you can buy some solutions made for such a purpose. I believe Lisa at Primitive Gatherings sells an aging solution, and also Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm! You can also use tan rit dye. In twenty plus years of quilting and crafting, I haven't had any trouble with using coffee though....and it's so quick and easy to have ready. I would say I put about 1/4c of cheap instant coffee in a coffee cup with a cup of boiling water to dissolve. Poor it in a spray bottle and Have fun! this before you add the applique!

Chester is tired from all this kit making....well, maybe it's really all the playing in the sewing room, getting in the know all the shenanigans our furry friends get into!


Have a wonderful day, and if you haven't gotten your kit's on the way, we took a trip out of state over Thanksgiving, halfway through the orders!



Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mystery Christmas Quilt Blog Hop

I hope you are all enjoying the fun blocks the designers have been posting for you, and I hope you will also enjoy mine! It was fun coming up with what it would be, and making it! The blocks that we (the designer/bloggers) are making will all be sent to Rhonda from Farmhouse Threads, who will be making them into a quilt to be a prize for one of YOU lucky blog readers!!! Go to her blog, farmhouse, to see how to enter to win!


Here is my block.....a link to download and print the pattern, and also a link to purchase a kit!

To recieve the free shipping, when you get to the page after clicking "order" type ginger (all lower case) into the voucher box, and click recalculate!




Now.......I want to share a few pictures with you from my book "Primitive Style" that will be released on Dec. 1!!! I can't wait! Here ya go!


This is just a peak! There are 15 projects, small and large! I am taking pre-orders on my website, and you can also order through your local quilt shop,, Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine, and also through Martingale!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for following along on my blog, and don't week block is Lisa's turn on her Primitive Gatherings blog!



Friday, November 20, 2015

Simple ornaments!

Good afternoon, stitching friends!

Today I worked at our shop The Painted Cupboard/the Woolen Willow. I decided to have some fun between the fun customers, and made some quick ornaments! I made some kits too, and they are cheap and pre-cut for your convenience! Just go to if you would like to purchase some!

The little birdie kit is $3..... And we have a bobbin of matching wool thread you might want also! The Thread is $2

This Holly ornament kit is $4, and there are also matching bobbins of thread!

If I can get more options done, I'll make sure they get up on the website soon! Nice and quick to instructions needed!


So hopefully, you are all enjoying the Mystery Christmas Quilt Blog hop! My block is complete, and I'll be posting on my day which is Saturday! Some of the gals were selling kits, so I also will be selling kits on my website!

Have a wonderful evening, and have fun stitching!



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christmas Joy Blog Hop

Good morning!


Today is my turn! Thank you Stacy for inviting me again, and for all your hard work!

I was trying to think of some of my favorite things of Christmas with my family, and there are just soooooo many! I think my favorite things leading up to Christmas would be going to chop down the tree! When I was a little kid, our family always piled into the station wagon, dog and all, to chop down a tree. We (my husband and I) kept that up with our kids, and had some fun experiences! Once we forgot to bring rope to tie the tree to our mini van, so the guy at the tree farm/woods, used some twine. On our way down the interstate, our tree came flying off! Thank goodness there wasn't anyone driving close behind us, or it may have not been a funny story to tell! The kids were crying, my husband pulled off the exit, and got back on the other direction, so we could get it. Our son, who was probably about 6, was so afraid it went into the river, and was sobbing! We got to the opposite side of the interstate, pulled over, my honey ran across, hopped the median barrier, picked up the 7' tree, climbed the barrier again, and had to sit on it, with the tree and wait for semi's to pass by...honking at him, of course! Well....we had no rope, remember? So the two little kids and golden retriever, all scrunched in the front with me, my husband opened the back of the van and shoved in the tree! It was cold, our son was still crying, afraid it would fall out again, but we made it home! Thank goodness we weren't more than a mile and a half from home! It was great getting back into the warm house and lighting the fireplace! It was a trip we'll always remember....and we call it our "Griswald Family Christmas Story!"

Here is your pattern!


Click on the link below!

And here is a recipe from Stacy, that she sent for me, because I couldn't get my act together and think of a favorite! Haha! Thank you Stacy...I'm gonna try this one also!

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful hop, and making lots of projects! I sure know I plan to make a few!

Have a Merry Joy-filled Christmas!



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stitches to Savor

Hello stitching friends!

We just got back from Market and Festival, and it was a wonderful time! Here are my sisters Judy, Gretchen, and myself! We were in our local small town airport delayed....but still having fun! My Husband brought us, and then our parents came and hung out with us while we waited for our flight! I can't find a photo of that, but it was wonderful seeing them watch out the window waving to us as we took off. I know it really worries Dad to have us flying together all the time. They are the best!

Here is our booth at Market this time...


It was so nice to have all that space, and such a great location!

Okay.....onto the title of the blog! There is a beautiful new book out by Sue Spargo's, with Martingale publishing! It's called "Stitches to Savor" and it really is something to savor!


If you have ever seen Sue's beautiful quilts, you know what I'm talking about! Gretchen and I had the privilege to host Sue at a couple workshops for our quilt shop, The Woolen Willow, several years ago. The workshops were wonderful, and Sue is an excellent teacher. Just to touch and see her quilts in person is a wonderful experience, and her new book captures the feeling perfectly! "Stitches to Savor" is a true coffee table book, and would make a fantastic gift also!

Here are a few photos from the book....



I hope you are all finding plenty of time for stitching, and that you get a chance to get this lovely book of photos! That's! You don't have to feel guilty if you don't make the quilts! You can just savor every stitch on every page! This can be purchased through, and at your local quilt shop!

Take care!



Monday, October 5, 2015

Blog hop!


Hello stitching friends!

I would love to hear what you are stitching on! I have been slowly working on a small sample for The Woolen Willow shop, we have re-opened. It's slow going, but I'm just about done. I have a couple thoughts I'm drawing out also, and hope to share them with you soon! There is a fun Mystery Christmas Quilt blog hop starting today, and several of the designers, including me, will be offering kits of the blocks each week! The links are below! I'll be on a photo shoot at the end of the week, then on a much needed, long awaited little trip with my Hubby by the weekend, and all next week! Can't wait! Chester will be in good hands with our Son, and our Daughters "step son" will be walking him each day for me. It's a good thing....that dog has too much energy!! Haha! Henley gets to spend extra time with her mommy......boy am I going to miss her little chubby face! Good thing for smart phones!

Chester.....the best little furry guy. Okay, not little. But very furry!




Thursday, September 24, 2015

Something to cherish


Have you ever been given a gift that took many years to make, that you knew about from the first day the handwork had begun?

Our Mother, AKA "Ask Mom" started a quilt years ago. I believe she started it somewhere around 1999. It was for a quilt shop sample of a Block of the Month program for a local shop that we helped and taught classes at. Before she got very far making it, the owner decided to close the shop and gave Mom the rest of the fabric to complete the quilt because she knew Mom was going to eventually give the quilt to me. I can't remember for sure, but I think our Mother was still working full time as a Legal Secretary, so she worked on it when she had time, knowing speed wasn't necessary since the shop closed. Every so often I would see her working on it, and she just loved doing hand applique. Finally the quilt was all put together and ready to quilt. mom was a wonderful hand quilter, and made the most beautiful stitches. I knew it would take her some time to get it completed, but I wasn't in a hurry. As Mom's eyes began to get worse with Macular Degeneration, I watched her progress when she would bring it out to quilt on, and she seemed a little more in a hurry to finish it. She was worried about her stitches.

The day finally came when the quilting was complete, and ready to bind. mom was having trouble sewing straight lines on her machine, so she asked if I could sew it on for her so she could get to the hand stitching. When it was done, I told her she should hang on to it for a while to enjoy in her home. That many years working on it, I knew she really grew to love the quilt. My turn would come. About a week or so ago, Mom gave me the quilt. It is so beautiful. I can see where her eyes started to fail while she was quilting, but it is still the most beautiful gift, and I have the perfect spot to enjoy it for years to come in my sewing room, where I work most every day. I can't wait to show it to my Grandaughter, Henley, as she seems to love looking all around my sewing room and house at the quilts on the walls. I sewed a sleeve on the back the past couple days, and got it hung up today. I hope you enjoy the photos of our Mothers handwork. The quilt is a pattern by the late Linda Brannock.




Thank you Mom, for the most special gift.






Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hello friends!

It seems I'm having difficulty staying on task as far as blogging and designing! Can you blame me? Look at these cheeks!!

But I do have a bit of news for you! The newest Woolen Willow website is up and running, since we re-opened the shop! I know it's a bit confusing, but it's! We have my hand dyed wool listed and wool applique kits patterns and books! We are also taking pre-orders for signed copies of my book! Go to the website and check it out!!! I do still have my website....but it is mostly quilt patterns with cotton, and wool applique.
Little Henley will be going to a new day-care soon a couple days a week, and her Daddy will be watching her one day a week also.......sooooooooo, Grandma will be making some new things very soon to share with you!!!
Thanks for being patient with me!!
Have a lovely evening!



Thursday, August 6, 2015

A few finishes! And a peek of my book cover!

Hello! It's been a bit since I last posted, and I haven't done much in the way of new things....but I was working on finishing some older projects. I showed some pictures last time, of them not done, so here they are all finished!



This is by Lynda Hall, from Primitive Pieces by Lynda. I love it!

This is by Cheri Payne, called "A Time to Sew"


This is a pattern from me!

This next photo is of a sweet little machine I bought from a neighbor! It's from the Standard company, and the machine is called Sew Handy! The Singer company bought Standard, and this little machine was the prototype for the beloved Featherweight! I just got it back from being cleaned and a new belt, and electric wire added! It sews really nice! I wish the paint wasn't all chippy though. They came in 4 or 5 colors. I have the case, and all the attachments and manual! Sweet!


This is what is keeping me happily busy! Watching sweet Henley! She has just about grown out of her portable bassinet, now that she is almost 10 weeks old, so I put up a pack and play in my sewing room, with a Monsters mobile! She loves it, and I can get work and sewing in a little more now! Haha! (I just have to lay her down and no kiss her so much) Not!


And for some great news!!!! Here is my book, that will be released early December! Thanks Martingale!!!!



I'll have more details, as it gets closer, but you will be able to purchase the book from my website, from Primitive Quilts and Projects website, from your local quilt shop, Martingale, and other places as well! I'm really excited for you to see the projects when it is released, because I had a lot of fun making them, and Martingale did a fantastic job photographing them all, and laying out a beautiful book! I sure can't wait to get my hands on the first copy!

Judy and I will be at Sauder Village in Archibald Ohio next week for the rug hooking show! Maybe we will see some of you there!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great weekend!