Thursday, December 17, 2015

A couple give away contests!

Just a quick note! The Woolen Willow is having a give away of my new book! Go check it out! Also, if you don't already get the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine newsletter, be sure and go sign up on the website, because there will also be a give away in the next newsletter!

And we are doing kits right now of the hooked rug pattern in the book! We hope to get more of the kits figured out as well, so keep posted to our website!


I hope you are all getting in plenty of stitching and Rughooking.....I have been doing a bit of rug hooking lately, and I supported a local quilt shop "Bolts and Quarters" in Parkersburg WV today, and bought a few yards of pretty new Pam Buda fabric!


I already wasn't happy with the colors and ripped out! Hopefully I'll get back to it this evening!

Pretty fabric! Wonder what it will become?

Have a wonderful weekend!



Friday, December 11, 2015

Woooohooooo! The books came!

It was an exciting day! Even Chester was happy! Haha!

If you would like a signed copy you can go here;

If you are a shop and would like to buy wholesale for your shop go here;

I mailed out a nice stack of books today, along with some little kits from the Farmhouse Threads blog hop, and haven't had time to finish up my Christmas decorating....but here are a few shots around my house!

I guess I should take one this evening, so the lights will show up. Chester was thirsty, you can see! Oh brother! I haven't caught him doing that since he was a puppy! My tree topper is a little paper plate angel my son made in Sunday school! I love the sweet little crayon face, and globs of glitter! He is 23 now, and thinks it's funny I still use it. I'm hoping to vacuum and wrap a blanket around the base this evening, and finish up my decorating while baking tonight after dinner.


I gave away my old upright piano this past year to the cable guy, so I didn't have the normal place for my Nativity. Low and fits on my mantle, where I usually put my Santas! where to put the Santas? I may just leave them in the china cabinet beside the mantle. I'm sure it will all end up fine....I don't get too excited about everything being perfect anymore. I just figure Christmas will come and go with or without me being ready, so I think I enjoy it all much more now! Haha!

Here is a photo of most of my family at our annual Christmas sing along party! It was our 23rd year!



We were missing some....but hopefully next year, they will join us!

For those of you who ordered books....they are on the way!!! I hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aging a background

Good morning!

As I was working on sending out the last bit of kit orders from the Mystery Blog hop block, I was thinking about all the people opening their packages. They would see a light piece of fabric, some whitish wool, brown and red wool. Hmmmmm, that white won't stand out on the what?! So I thought I would explain what to do! When I was working on my design, I wanted to use a fabric that I had plenty of, to make kits with! So, you will find a nice muslin for your background! What is that you are saying??? Mine doesn't look like that in the photo? Oh!!! It's because I aged it! I like to use a very strong instant coffee/water mix in a spray bottle. I squirt it on, and then iron it dry! Here is the before and after.....

Start light, and add more as you need!

Now....some may say it might break down the fabric years and years from you can buy some solutions made for such a purpose. I believe Lisa at Primitive Gatherings sells an aging solution, and also Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm! You can also use tan rit dye. In twenty plus years of quilting and crafting, I haven't had any trouble with using coffee though....and it's so quick and easy to have ready. I would say I put about 1/4c of cheap instant coffee in a coffee cup with a cup of boiling water to dissolve. Poor it in a spray bottle and Have fun! this before you add the applique!

Chester is tired from all this kit making....well, maybe it's really all the playing in the sewing room, getting in the know all the shenanigans our furry friends get into!


Have a wonderful day, and if you haven't gotten your kit's on the way, we took a trip out of state over Thanksgiving, halfway through the orders!