Friday, April 5, 2013

Stll Room at the Retreat!

Just a quick note about the retreat! There is still room and an extended deadline! If you go to you can join the Facebook also, and through the shop, and be notified of any future retreats also! Sally posted a picture of one of the projects that we will giving away as a door prize at the retreat! One of many!  We have been busy creating a lot of great hand made gifts to give all our retreat attendees!! I hope some of you can come along with the many ladies from all over the country who have registered!


  1. Hi folks!! Just want to direct you to our new retreat website! Go to
    We will have information & registration Capabilities for all our upcoming retreats there on one website!
    The Other Sister

  2. Jeni....Wish I was close enough to go....sounds like soooo much fun...Jo Ann

  3. SHEESH!!! I can't type! Our new retreat website is

    NOT, like I posted earlier! Sorry!!

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