Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back from a wonderful retreat!!!

  We just got back from a wonderful Quilting/Rughooking retreat!  It was at the beautiful Blackwater Falls in West Virginia! We had a great time, and I wish I had taken even more pictures than I did! I have a feeling there will be some pictures posted by other gals who were there, so be on the lookout!! Here is a slideshow of some of our fun!! I'll post again soon, with more to tell you! Late for work! Haha! The picture above is of my parents looking at the beautiful Falls! It was spectacular!


  1. What a wonderful retreat and lots of wonderful projects being made. I also love the fact that you had such a beautiful area to relax and enjoy too.


  2. Great pics! So nice too a lot of your family can spend time together like that! Enjoyed every moment!

  3. Great pictures, Jeni!! I loved the slideshow---it captured the retreat extremely well! We had such a fantastic time, and it was so wonderful to meet all those sweet, creative ladies! Blackwater Falls was perfection!