Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sneak peak and Chester in my sewing room!

Good morning!
     I hope this post finds you all sewing away the morning! I have a sneak peak for you of a project I'm working on for a book, and pictures of my furry friend. Chester has figured out how to open the screen door to my sewing room, so he has been barreling through the door to go sorting through the trash, all my shelves of fabric, and just about anything else he can get in his mouth!  I had the screen door put on to keep the kitties that used to live here off my fabric, and to keep Chester out! That didn't last too long! If  I have it latched, he just lays out there and cries! I never heard a dog cry so much! He is my buddy, I guess that is why! This morning we took our usual walk, but much faster since it was so nice and cool! We walked by my daughter's house she is now renting and saw one of the kitties in the window looking out at us! I wonder if she was happy to see me and Chester? I know they secretly loved for him to chase them through the house. I'm sure Chester misses them. He still looks for them when he sneaks in the back door of the house coming in from outside. I'll have to take him over to Kristen's house when she is awake for a little visit. That should be interesting!
  Here are some pictures for you!
my buddy at my side!

His beautiful smile!

Oh! What can I find in this corner?

(out of order! Ha!)  That was tiring going through all Mom's stuff!

I'll just lay here on Mom's foot while she cuts fabric!

See the little red Felt Ball in my mouth I found on the floor? Fun!

Nice safe spot to chew on fabric under Moms chair! Can she see me?



 How in the world do I ever get anything done? Look at the mess!
The little block is for my Small Quilts Club class on Friday!


Sneak peak of my book project! Ready to quilt!

That was a ton of pictures!  I didn't realize I selected "ALL" and they all just popped right on the block out of order of course! You get the picture! (literally)
Have a wonderful day and get some sewing done, will ya?


  1. He's wonderful :)
    I, too, have the length of emotions from I want/need to finish this (insert the guilt here) to I'll regret pushing my fur-friend away when she/he isn't with me anymore (insert giving in to the above & not finishing much of anything)
    I've began hand stitching projects that easily can be put down & started up. I actually finished one & this has given me happiness. Though the finishing part which requires a pieced border is in my to-do-pile :}
    Back to my beginning, you dogs face does have that "please give in to me" quality :)

    1. Thanks for your comments Jackie! It was a crazy funny morning of chasing him and taking things out of his mouth! Ha ha! I did manage to get all my pieced blocks done for tomorrow's class, and am now working on the appliqué, with you know who at my feet!

  2. He is such a sweet pup, I do miss having a dog but waiting for now.
    Can't wait to see your new piece, so far it looks wonderful.


    1. Thanks Debbie, for commenting also! He is a good buddy, for sure! We waited almost two years after our first doggie passed away, to get him. The moment I saw my furry baby, I cried tears of joy! Hee hee! He makes me go for walks which is good for me!
      Thanks again, Jeni

  3. What a cutie Chester is, just like my Ginger! Loved the sneak peak...can't wait to see more!