Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today at the shop

Today at the shop I have many plans. Lets see if I can get any of them accomplished! Ha-ha! It can get crazy there, and sometimes you don't get anything done!  I have a new bom quilt I need to get worked on and figured out for pricing and things. 21 customers are waiting patiently!  If I can figured out, I will post the graph paper drawing, and then later the actual first block, which is hanging in the shop, waiting to be stitched!

Then there is the "freebie block of the week" that needs to be ready for Saturday! I have an idea of what it will be this week! It is free with any purchase, and each week there is a different one. At the end we put it all together with a finishing kit, that isn't free, but is reasonable!

The next thing (I probably should put first) is working on the Mystery Harvest Shop Hop quilt project! I have worked on it some, but it needs to be done by the next hop meeting to be photographed! Yikes! I have my work cut out for me! 

Hopefully it will a productive and busy customer day!

It can happen! LOL!

Gretchen said she would help me....then  it will get done!!  She is pretty busy herself, especially when I show her the list of patterns I found that I want to get into the shop! Ha!  Gretchen has been really busy getting through the mountains of paper work that comes along with having two shops in one! Yikes! Thanks to our trusty Susan and Cathy who work The Painted Cupboard side,  they can do some of that stuff to help too!  They also really help with getting our freebie BOW kits made! That is huge!!!! We make hundreds of those little buggers!!

Well, breakfast is over (faster than it took to make) and Eggs are almost done boiling for later!!
 I'll try to get on and let you know if I got anything done!!

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