Friday, August 20, 2010

A day with my girl

There was no sewing yesterday, but a day well spent with my Daughter.  I drove a van full of stuff to her new apartment!  My husband went down on Monday and helped her get it cleaned up and fixed a few things that were bothering him.  We had an older pretty love seat, a desk with a chair, and a cute painted chair from on of our antique dealers in the shop. We also had a fridge, she used in her dorm last year and her microwave.  So with the help of three strong young men she called, we got it all to the second floor apartment. One of the guys took the door off so we could get the love seat in, removed the yucky broken fridge from the kitchen and we got it looking pretty darn cute!  Yes the bathroom is old and not so pretty, but with her shower curtain, a scrubbed floor, pretty little rug and a picture, not too bad! We ran around buying a toaster, bed skirt and a little bit of food the rest of the day.  It was fun, and she loved the upholstered headboard we made for her bed! She seems very happy, even though we worry about everything. But she is our little girl you know!  She is buying herself a little furry kitten room mate today. Can't wait to hear from her!
    More later about sewing stuff!! Off to the shop!

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