Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new house quilt for small quilts club!

Friday is Small Quilts Club at our shop, and I usually wait till the last minute to get the new quilt designed and made! I was really pushing it the last two months, not having it finished in time, but finished enough to teach.  I worked on the blocks I designed last night along with a shop hop quilt project that is due to be completely finished by Monday for photographing, until after 10!  I was able to go to bed feeling like I would actually get them done in time. It was nice! I took the day off today to get the tops all ready to quilt, and Yay! I'm done!!! All ready to quilt, and hopefully I can get them quilted by the end of the day tomorrow. So after I get a little instructions written for both of them, I will head to the grocery store, as we are starving around here! Nothing good to eat, is what my Son says!!!  Hope you enjoy the picture! I'll post another once it is quilted and bound!! Have a great day!


  1. Love the wool block.

    Small Quilt Club Quilt very nice---

  2. Thanks Sandy! Wish you could have been at Small Quilts Club! Can't wait till the next one! So much fun!