Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daughter's new apartment

We went, we moved, we worried! Yikes! 

It was a very old building that was originally a hotel. The area is okay, nice houses and buildings around it.  Our daughter had told us that it was being renovated, but we didn't see anything remotely renovated at all!  The room hadn't even been cleaned yet, and the windows are rotting out of the sills! The kitchen, oh, don't even go there, or the bathroom for that matter!  She was told it would be ready, but the landlord acted to us like he thought he had another week to finish. My Husband, who is very  handy and an electrician by trade, feels like it would take a lot of money and time, way more than a week for it to be okay!  We came home late Saturday night, my husband hadn't smiled all day, and was trying not to come unglued and upset our daughter!  He drove back down yesterday with his tools and supplies and work on her place all day with the guy the landlord hired to work on the building. It has a long way to go, but at least it was cleaned up a lot and the curtains were hanging! Ha! She slept there last night, and I worried all night about her. I hope she was safe, comfy in her own bed, and not afraid.  Can't wait till she calls me this morning to find out. We will both go back down tomorrow with a older loveseat we had for her room, and a rug for her floor.  Hubby is building a headboard for her bed, and I'll cover it with batting and canvas. She will love it!  Pray for her safety and our sanity! Ha! 

No pictures, as I was in shock when I saw the place and forgot to take any! I'll take some tomorrow and post them!

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