Monday, September 22, 2014

The winner, and the next blocks!

The winner of the "Name the Quilt" Contest is.........

And just so you know, it was very very hard!!!! I enlisted a lot of help going through the names, and I apologize for not getting the winner posted until now!

Drum roll please..........


Leeanne! " A Life of Plenty" was the overwhelming favorite!

Leeanne, if you will email me your info at, I will send your prize when I get back from the Winter issue Press check Friday!


Here is a photo of one of the four blocks you will be making!


I don't have all four of mine made, but will after the press check later this week!

Here are your instructions!

Here are mine! (The template includes a 1/4" seam allowance!)




I just stuck my scissors there so you can see the unsewn part of the first two patches!



Now finish up that partial seam and voila!


TaDa!! Don't sew them together though! They look neat all sorts of directions! I'll show you how I plan to put them in the quilt soon!

Have fun making them, they are addictive!!!

Have a great week, and if I can get any sewing done while out of town, I'll post again at the end of the week!




  1. Wow I love this block. I can't wait to give it a go. I am heading off to the sewing studio to cut it out right away. Thank you for Jeni for a great sewalong. I love the journey you are taking us on.

    1. You're welcome Barbara! I'm so glad you are enjoying it!! Show and tell please!!!

  2. merci Jeni, encore le 5 et le 6 à faire , et je serai à jour.

  3. Congrats to Leanne! Neat block. Need to get caught up.

  4. Hi, what a nice sew-along, i love to enjoy this.THANK YOU FOR THIS !!!But can you tell me the high of the pattern, I can't see/read it on the picture.

    1. You're welcome Ellie! I'm not sure what your question is, I'm sorry.... Sometimes these translators confuse me! The name of the pattern is "A Life of Plenty" you can find all the templates on, and instructions are on the posts of this blog! I hope you enjoy making it!