Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heart Quilt Finished! Yay!

Ta Da!  Sure was a fun one to make, and I love the pinks and browns!  We had our Small Quilts Club yesterday, and crowded everyone into the class room! I didn't really know exactly how many to expect, and whew! There wasn't much elbow room!  We did have fun though, and then after they left, we re-arranged the back of the shop to make a larger classroom area, that we can un-do and re-do as needed!  Today we have our "Wool Crazy" club! I expect a bigger crowd, so hopefully we have enough seating out! I gathered up some fun stuff from my sewing room to bring for my project last night and made some step by step examples to hang up on a wall for the gals to look at! Should be fun! I will post some pictures if I remember, so if any of you who are reading this post will be in the class/club today, (JM) please remind me! LOL!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Jeni!
    You are inspiring me to get my unfinished piece out and get to work..:)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Tina xo

  2. ...too beautiful...looks old already and I love it:)

  3. I love the brown with the pink for Valentine's Day - not quite typical but even better than the traditional red & white!

  4. Jeni it turned out great! You are all set for Valentine's Day - looking forward to your wool crazy pictures!

  5. Tina, Gail, Gayle and Kelli! Thank you very much! I have always wanted to make a pink and brown quilt! One day I will make one in a log cabin pattern! I have the fabric saved already! I'll post the Wool Club pictures tonight! It was great fun! Jeni