Thursday, October 14, 2010

Open Craft Night!

We had Open Craft Night tonight, actually it is going on right now! I took some pictures, against their will though! LOL!  The ladies are Carolyn, Linda, Terri, and Janice!  The other pictures are of the projects the gals are all working on, including me! I'm working on the little willow applique! I'm attempting needle turn, haven't tried it for several years, so I'm sure I'll need some practice!

My sisters Judy, Gretchen and I worked on the magazine more today! Coming along nicely! Can't wait!

Bottom three pictures...... two more gals showed up! Linda T and Nan! The pictures after them are Linda's penny rug and Nans quilt!!! Too much fun!!!


  1. You all have such wonderful projects going. It also looks like a great place to work.

  2. Thanks Cynthia! We do have a lot of fun! Open Craft Night gives me a chance to sit,enjoy, and work on a project with my customer friends, without interruption! We have lots of laughter, which is great for everyone! Sometimes we have to drag out another table and chairs when we have a large crowd! Wish you could join us! Thanks for posting a comment!

  3. Have joined your followers and love all the rug hooking..the little quilts are lovely..I am excited too about the new magazine..

  4. Thanks Maggey and Jim, for following and posting comments! Makes my day when I have a new follower and comments! I know I'm not just talking to myself then! LOL!