Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hello friends!

It seems I'm having difficulty staying on task as far as blogging and designing! Can you blame me? Look at these cheeks!!

But I do have a bit of news for you! The newest Woolen Willow website is up and running, since we re-opened the shop! I know it's a bit confusing, but it's! We have my hand dyed wool listed and wool applique kits patterns and books! We are also taking pre-orders for signed copies of my book! Go to the website and check it out!!! I do still have my website....but it is mostly quilt patterns with cotton, and wool applique.
Little Henley will be going to a new day-care soon a couple days a week, and her Daddy will be watching her one day a week also.......sooooooooo, Grandma will be making some new things very soon to share with you!!!
Thanks for being patient with me!!
Have a lovely evening!




  1. Babies are a good way to get distracted, it is fun being a Grandma.


  2. I can see why those sweet cheeks and face would be a little distracting! Precious smile, too.

    1. Thanks Kimber! Was nice to talk with you today!