Friday, December 12, 2014

Sew along part 15!

Good morning! I hope you all had a great week, and have been enjoying the Blog Hop! I know I have enjoyed it! I plan on making some of the cookies this weekend, and maybe a little project or two for gift giving!

Here are the blocks for Part 15, of the "Life of Plenty" primitive sew along!


The directions for the flying geese unit are way back in the first week, Aug. 26! I have lost track of how many of these units we have done, so if anyone has been keeping up, you can let me know! Haha! I made the first couple, and did a couple more a week or so ago for the photo, but my eyes were too tired to read all the old posts last night!

For EACH basket block you will need: 5 1/2" square, one 3" square, one 2" square, and two 2"x 3 1/2" rectangles.

Med/ 5 1/2" square, one 3" square

To make the block, make half square triangles with the light and dark 5 1/2" squares, and with the light and dark 3" squares. Square the large ones to measure 5", and the small ones to measure 2." Press all seams toward the dark fabric.

Find the handle template on my, and applique the handle. Sew the block together as in the diagram below!

(Click on the picture, if it gets cut off, so you can view it in full)

( Click on the picture to view in full, if it's cut off on your screen!)

How many naps can one dog take?

(Click to view picture in full, if it is cut off on your screen!)

Isn't it cute, how he uses the pillows? Haha! What a guy!


We have our 22nd Annual, Falcsik Family Sing a Long, Potluck Christmas Party tomorrow night! So I'm hoping to get a tree cut down tomorrow at the tree farm, and finish decorating and last minute bathroom cleaning! If you didn't catch the post about my Family Fun Party, it's in the December Blog Hop post from two years ago! I think the free patterns are still there also!

Have a wonderful weekend, with plenty of sewing!!!

Thanks for following along!




  1. Hi! Thank you for your great pattern... Following along slowly! LOL
    But, your link to the templates and your website are not live! Will come back later to pick up!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Thank you you generous soul. I love seeing the name I voted for this lovely quilt.

  3. Great! I have a free day tomorrow. This will make 5 sets of flying geese for me. He looks so cute and peaceful. Have a fun weekend!

  4. Wonderfull week end for you also...

  5. I am 4 sets of flying greese of 6 and one of 5 .

  6. I want to curl up with your sweet doggy. I'll be working on mine more after Christmas. Loving it! Thank you.