Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finally! I think my technical issue with my IPad is resolved!

I have been on the phone with Apple, AT&T, and my internet provider. I got a new router, and a new modem. I installed the latest software through iTunes. I've emailed back and forth with the developer of Blogsy, which by the way, that man has a ton of patience! I could just imagine him shaking his head in disbelief that I could be so unknowledgeable about my technology, but was still so very nice and helpful! This evening, I said out loud in a very frustrated voice so everyone in my county could hear...."I wish I had a tech guru in my house!" My Daughters fiancé's Son said, "what's wrong? I told him, and he started chuckling. Seems he changed the date on my iPad two weeks ago when he was playing a video game and forgot to put it back!!!!! I chased him through the house of course! He is 13 and an athlete, and I'm a 50 year old woman! Haha! So, all this commotion has caused me to not get much done all week! So your next part to the sew along will be a couple more days delayed. I'm sorry! Have mercy on this poor un-savvy quilter, and I promise to get on track!! Here is the picture of part 9 from last week, that I posted on facebook.....


The backgrounds are cut 5"x 7", do the stitching with the templates provided on my website, and trim to 4 1/2"x 6 1/2" and soon, we will start sewing them together! I'm going to sew like the wind tonight, now that I'm not stressed about technology, and the next part will be up soon!!

Thanks so much for your patience!




  1. Very fun and enjoy seeing the blocks, wish I had time to follow along.


  2. Glad you got an answer to your difficulty. The blocks are great and I appreciate all of the effort you put into providing this freebie for us. Thanks.

  3. technology can be a pain! Looks lovely.