Monday, March 31, 2014

So overwhelming!

Good morning friends,
   I just want to say, Wow! This has been so overwhelming, the comments from our customers, on the Woolen Willow Facebook, and my blog, and through our emails! You have no idea how humbled we are by your comments and encouragement. We are sad, by how sad some of you are, and we do understand. We loved our shop also! Gretchen and I were so swamped at the shop on Saturday with customers coming in, that we didn't even have a minute to sit or eat lunch. The news hit our local paper on Sunday, with a nice front page article in the business section. It was a nice article, even though they usually mix up some of the information! Anyway, thank you, the outpouring, means so much to us.
   Yesterday, I got a call from my Mom after we all got home from Church. Seems Dads TV wasn't working and he really wanted to watch the Michigan State basketball game. It's where he went to college after all! You know, Dad was the youngest of 12 kids. His parents came over from Hungary. He was the only one to go to college. Since he had been in the Army, he was able to go to college. He and Mom (AKA Ask Mom) are 80! They came over to my house so Dad could watch the game. My Mom and I sat in the dinning room and sewed. Well, she sewed! I made casseroles for my husbands lunches and dinners for the week, since he is on a big overtime job for the next 6 weeks. I make his lunch every morning for him at 5:30, have for almost 30 years! Here is a picture of me and Mom, and you can see Dad standing in the family room!

My daughter came over with her fiancée and his Son yesterday, and we made Southwest Spring Rolls for dinner with my Son, and also veggies and my home made ranch dressing! It was fun and yummy! Then we watched the Walking Dead season finale! Ha-ha!
   Have a happy Monday everyone, and I hope to see some of you at the shop soon!


  1. What a nice memory of time spent with your folks. There's nothing like the warmth of family.

    1. Thank you, Kay. I plan to spend more time with my Mother with the shop closing. They are awesome parents! Jeni