Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet and Simple Block of the Month

This is the new block of the month by Geoff's Moms pattern company called Sweet and Simple! It's 16 months with 2 blocks per month and a little story each block! I'm doing the fun stitching part now! Also, I have a new rughooking block of the month all drawn out and ready to hook! HUMMMMM are we seeing a pattern here? Do you suspect I love starting a new project almost more than finishing them????? I wonder if there is a 12 step program for people like me??? Oh, I think I might not be alone........
   Here are a couple of pictures!
The rughooking block of the month will be a 5 month project, making it simple and not breaking the bank with such a large rug. It is 24" x 36" and I'll post as I hook! We are actually going to have a set day each month for local customers to work on it together this time! Of course you can do it by mail or just pick it up each month when the kits are ready! If you want details, email the shop at, or call at 304-375-9665! Gretchen is hopefully getting some time to work on the newsletter for the shop while at the press check for the magazine in MI. They are on the way home, and I just heard from her. Dad is taking a turn driving and Mom is listening to her books on tape! The press check went well, and I can't wait till they print and send them to us, so we can see them in person! I can't believe this is our forth issue!! Can anyone remember when The Woolen Willow was Did you know we started in 1999 with our website, taking orders from Gretchens house in TX and my house here in WV? We used to talk on the phone 3 or 4 times a day, excited about orders and maybe having a real shop one day together! seems so long ago, and also so many pounds ago! LOL! Hummm, not so funny. I think I'll do something about it this year! Not a New Years resolution, but just need to take care of myself! I'm in good health and wanna keep it that way. Well, except for the Bronchitis that wouldn't go away and left me with Asthma!  And the ribs I sprained at Market pulling a dolly, not to mention pulled muscles! Getting well though, and feeling much better! Did I go on too much? Can you tell I have missed chatting to my friends??? I'll try not to stay away so long! 
   Happy New Year and Happy hooking and stitching!!!
              Love, Jeni


  1. Jeni
    Can you please clarify - first issue of newsletter or another new magazine? Or am I confused?

  2. I meant the forth issue! Sorry about that!!

  3. Wonderful quilt, lots of nice blocks that would work by themselves, too.
    I haven't hooked in ages, should sell off my extra equipment.


  4. I know, it really is so pretty! Almost done with first block! I love appliqué! Hope I can keep up with it all!

  5. I do remember when you were the I remember the first time we met and you were talking about your sister moving back to WV and you were starting the shop. I think I was there the first week you opened and was so happy to see the primitive fabric. So happy for your success!!!Jenny Carr
    Be sure to visit me at:

  6. I thought about joining the BOM for Sweet & Simple but I'm now leaning more towards just ordering the pattern set. I swore no more BOMs for me, I never keep up with them anyway.

  7. Hello Jeni, I would like to wish you and your family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. The blocks of the months look great. I visited Geoff's Mom Patterns and I really like her creations. Hugs Judy

  8. I like the look of the Four Square block. Looks like it would be an easy one to make.