Sunday, December 18, 2011

Growing boy!

My puppy Chester, is growing by leaps and bounds! Close to 50 pounds now! We had a fun family Christmas party last night, and he did great with a house full of family and food! What a sweetie! I'm still trying to get healed up and better, I think I'm almost there! Thanks for all the well wishes!

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  1. He sure has grown, I bet all the holiday excitement has gotten him riled up a bit more than usual;)


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  3. Whoops! I made a misspelling,so removed comment! I just had said, pup did so well at party last night, even tho he did jump up to see food on the island and table! Didn't even bother the little children much! The house training is going really well, he finally started asking to be let out! Halleluia! Lol!

  4. Oh I LOVE Chester! What a handsome boy!! I love golden retrievers, am on my second one. Just love the breed. Merry Christmas Jeni!


  5. Thanks Cyndi! Merry Christmas to you too! Chester is our second golden also! Our first was a sweet female named Taffy. We had her for 13 wonderful years. After a year and a half of no furry friend, I had to have another! He is a real sweetie too! Except I just stuck him in crate for biting! Lol!