Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New sewing kit, Crazy quilt style! And Chester!

Good morning! I have a few pictures of my puppy boy, and a new sewing kit, made the Crazy quilt way with wool!   We did kits for them, and they are so fun to make! I might make one in bright colors for our customers who like "bright!" 

It's been a busy week working with Chester, trying to house train him! It started out wonderful, and we couldn't believe how good he was! No accidents for three or four days, sleeping all night in the crate! Then the "good puppy drugs" the breeder MUST have given him (haha) wore off! LOL!  So far there has been one accident per day, and a lot of biting on things! Oh, yes, I knew it would be this way when I wanted a puppy! I had one a long time ago when I was much younger and had a lot more energy and was home every day! LOL! He is still sleeping all night in the crate, which I love! I don't know how good I would do getting up in the middle of the night being older than I was with first puppy, and I could take naps back then! So I'm very happy about his sleeping habits! He is so sweet and loving, that we will look past his potty habits and just keep working on it! After all, it is usually a humans fault that he was able to go in the house! He loves to go for walks, and I love that it wears him out! Maybe it will help me shed some unwanted pounds too! So here are some pictures! One is of my daughters kitty Gray looking down at him while he sleeps! The kitties are letting him get closer to them, but not too close!


  1. I like how you did the inside bag, smart idea. I always see bags with insets, but they look like a lot of trouble to sew them in. Chester is so cute, love him.


  2. Thanks Debbie! I use them in almost all my sewing kits! The small ones though, we sew little zip lock snack size bags! Just sew right through the plastic! You can find the ones like I used in my crazy quilt one in Walmart! They are about .97 each! We love our Chester boy too! He is so soft and snuggly!

  3. I love the sewing kit. Very, very nice.

    Your little Chester is such a cutie!

  4. Hi! Greets from Finland! That quilt is fantastic! I love it! It's so nice to find other quilters from the other side of the world! :)

  5. Jeni, Chester is beautiful! Or handsome, I should say! What fun! I really like what you've made up with the wools. Great for taking along a small project. You are sooo talented!

  6. Hi Jeni! LOVE your wool crazy kit - I have just recently discovered wool applique and really love it!
    Chester is the cutest pup ever - so sweet dozing under the stool!
    Best wishes

  7. Ditto ditto on everything. Chester is just too cute, especially laying on his back. I love the sewing case and the use of a commonly found item. I hateit when designers create a really neat item but use an obscure item that makes it neat.
    Kay in Arkansas

  8. This is very nice, just the thing to hold it all together. Thanks for the idea. Love your little friend, just so cute!

  9. great sewing kit...but it's Chester that has me smiling...what a sweet face...