Saturday, October 29, 2011

First morning of Market!

The first morning of Market! About time to pull myself out of motel bed and start getting ready! I will take some pictures today and see about getting them posted! We got here Thursday evening, set up the booth yesterday, and it is a little crowded, but looks really nice! We will have a larger booth for Festival. We walked most of the show room floor last night, just to peek at the other booths! Really nice! My honey is flying home today after driving our booth out here for us and helping to set the booth up. He should be boarding his plane in a little while, hope he has a good flight! He'll be back next Sunday to help undo booth after Festival and drive it all back home! Thanks honey!

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  1. Aren't some husbands the best? Have a wonderful show Jeni, I wish you the very best show ever with loads of sales and huge amounts of fun!
    Tina xo

  2. Thanks so much Tina! We are having fun!

  3. Your hubby sounds a lot like mine - they're keepers!