Friday, May 13, 2011

International Spring Quilt Market!

Hi everyone!  Sister Judy and I are at Quilt Market, in Salt Lake City, Utah! Wow! It is beautiful here! Nothing like seeing a big city, and right behind it a giant mountain! Look in one direction
and they are snow covered! Look the other direction and they are green! Spectacular!  Being from WV, you wouldn't think it was such a big deal, but we have hills and mountains, and where we live it is in a valley, with not much city action! So just to see these mountains just behind a sky scraper, is really wonderful!
    Here are some pictures of our booth, and a far off shot of a mountain!  If you are here at Market, stop by our booth! It is booth number 545!
I know, the loading dock isn't so great but I'll try to get some good pictures of the mountains before we head for home!  Enjoy!


  1. I'm so glad to know that you're enjoying your visit here in Utah! I'm about 20 miles north of SLC and sure wish I could attend Market to meet you in person!

  2. The blog looks great, just like your new publication! I can't wait to publish our interview in The Anchor. It's coming in approximately 1 1/2 weeks. Will bring a copy into y'all.

  3. Thank you Brittany!!! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for getting on my blog! Very nice of you!