Sunday, April 3, 2011

Small quilts club quilts Feb and March!

I just put the binding on my Small quilts club quilts for Feb. and March! I know, I know, Finally! LOL!  They are ready for some coffee and tea dye now! I have a few on display at the shop that still need their grunging, and I plan on doing that after Spring quilt Festival in Cincinnati next week! Woooo hooo!  I hope to see some of you there!  Come to our booth and tell me who you are! We will be listed as Homespun Media!
    Have a good night!


  1. Beautiful quilts and fabrics.
    I can't wait till my machine gets back, especially with the magazine coming.


  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous, Jeni!

  3. Those are gorgeous quilts. I'm hoping I can talk the hubby into taking me down for the festival. It's about a five hour drive for us. Would love to stop by your booth!

    I so can't wait for that magazine to hit my mailbox!!!

  4. Love the little quilts! Do you wash them after you finish even with the wool on them to give them that warm and fuzzy feel? Can't wait until the magazine gets here!!

  5. Yep! I do wash them, and I also coffee dye them a bit too! These I haven't washed or dyed yet, but maybe after coming back from the quilt show in Cincinati this weekend. I love the soft warm cuddly look too!

  6. Love the small quilt with stars - beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous quilts!! Just lovely!