Friday, April 22, 2011

April Small Quilt Club, and more show pictures!

Hello! Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. It has been a bit crazy at the shop with so much going on with the magazine, and the quilt shop side a little short handed! My husband helped me move lots of cabinets and furniture around in the shop, and we hung different quilts up and took older ones down. It looks really pretty, and now that I have teased you, I hate to tell you that I forgot to take pictures! LOL! I'll try to get some tomorrow to post on here! What I do have to show you is a few shots of my Small Quilts Club we had today, and  of an old Penny Rug a customer brought in today to show us! It had the tongues all sewn down onto a piece of ticking, and then backed with a floral print. There is what looks to be punch needle in the center part! It is in wonderful shape!  Also I have a few more pictures of Spring Festival in Cincinnati!   Enjoy, and tomorrow I will take pictures of the shop and of the little quilt we made in class today. I can't believe I forgot to take that picture as well! LOL! I was very distracted today! I hope you all have a Happy Easter weekend!


  1. Great photos. That penny rug is just beautiful!

  2. Great shots of the show and your booth looks wonderful with all the quilts hung up.


  3. Hello, I am so happy with your new magazine,I hope the arrived verry soon here, so I can have them in my shop, have a nice day, Bep

  4. Thanks Debbie, Sue and Bep!