Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Ornament Pattern!

Hello!  Just wanted to share some free ornament patterns!  Judy is posting them over on our Magazine blog...  They are fun and easy and look great on a tree or present!!! Have fun making them!! Here is a picture of one of them!


  1. Very cute.. hopping over to get pattern..

  2. Thanks! That is so cute!

  3. This Santa Orni is just what I need to be working on right now:) thanks ever so much for sharing Judy-s artistry...I love him.

    I have lots of hand-dyed mottled red wool...just been waiting:)


  4. Mikki, Maggie and Gail! Thank you for your nice comments! I'm glad you like my Santa! He was part of an Ornament of the week program I designed last year for the shop! I will have Judy put one up each week! Hopefully you saw the Gingerbread Man ornament from last week too! I need to find the ornaments from a few years ago also, they were fun too! I hope you enjoy them all! Jeni

  5. What a cutie! I have not one smidgen of creativity - I have to rely on the genius of people like you. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Marlene!
    Funny!!!! Thanks very much, I hope you enjoy making it!!! And thank you for commenting!

  7. Hi Jeni...Thanks for this Santa Bell pattern. I made it right away and listed it on eBay. Hope that's OK with you. I'm making one for myself right now. Your ideas are wonderful. Love the gingerman, too.
    Happy Holidays! Susie

  8. Thanks Susie! That is fine! I'm so glad that you like it! I hope your auction goes well! Have a Merry Christmas! I think a new ornament pattern I designed when up on the magazine newsletter today! So fun to make!