Monday, November 29, 2010

Idea for Christmas cards!

Thanksgiving is over and I had a few days off from the shop!  I have been working on a Secret Santa gift for a lady on an online group I belong to! I was done, and then I thought to myself, "Self? what am I going to do for a card?" And then it hit me! I went to the store and got some blank cards, and started playing with my wool and cotton scraps! Here is what I have so far!  The second picture is my daughter Kristen's little 6 week old kitty "Pea" sleeping in front of the fire! She loves it there! I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! If you go over to the Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine, Judy is giving away Calendars and we also have free projects to download! The first two projects are Christmas ornaments I designed for our quilt shop! There will be something new each week!!  Anyone ready to start decorating for Christmas??? I am!!! I'll try to post some pictures once I start!!!


  1. I bought some blank cards, but haven't had time to make any yet. Good way to use up scraps too.


  2. It was an easy and fun project too! Thanks Debbie! Have fun making some!! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Jeni gave me the "perfect" idea for Gift Certificates!! Oh dear..more work - !!! Judy

  4. Judy! Oh no!!! Now I have to do it for Gift Certificates too! LOL! Hey, is JoAnn, JoAnn Fajack? If so, she was a customer of ours a while back! I hope you both come down for a visit, and I would love to come visit your shop also!!! Tell Kaye Hello for me, if she still has her Homespun shop there! Jeni