Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take along projects

Here I sit in the waiting room.......why didn't I get my take along project to bring with me? I brought my I-pad, so I could check and answer emails. I brought my planner and spreadsheet for upcoming issue designers. I brought my "things to do" notebook, my "bamboo Spark" in case I wanted to play with new designs. What am I doing? Wishing I had some hand sewing along! There is a lady in the corner of the waiting room knitting away on what looks to be a wonderful sweater! I'm getting jealous!

This sweet grand baby Henley is getting a tiny tube put in her tear duct today, so it will quit getting clogged and infected. Grammie is sitting in the waiting room.

I usually have some hexagons to sew, or some applique to work on, but for some odd reason, it never crossed my mind to bring something. What do you have for your take along project?

Share your take along project in the comments!

Have a wonderful day of stitching,




  1. Prayers that everything goes well today and Henley will start feeling better. I made up a stitchery, a piece in red work so all I have to bring is the one color, a needle and scissors. Or any stitchery that doesn't require a lot of colors is simple enough to bring along.


    1. Thank you Debbie, she just woke up...they said she did fine! Can't wait to see her......I had an applique block all ready, but just for the life of me, didn't think to pack it. Sheesh! Two hour drive here and back also! Haha!

  2. I like to take my Lucy Boston blocks. I also take crochet that I am working on for Project Linus. What a cutie! K-

  3. Hi,
    hope everything went well today at the doctors.
    I always have a project in my Bionic Gear Bag. It differs, applique, handsewing, embroidery, just something small to play with.

  4. I usually have either knitting or embroidery. Something that doesn't require a lot of "equipment" or too much thought to complete. I'm easily distracted! Hahaha!!

  5. Wish I knew how to share a photo here. My take along right now is hand quilting the Christmas mystery quilt from your blog. I have it in AZ with me now visiting the grandkids. Got quite a bit done on the flight out here.

  6. I almost always have something to grab & go. Right now it's a binding for a small quilt swap. Usually it's wool appliqué. I get so mad at myself if I'm somewhere without it, like you are today, or if I'm missing scissors or some other important supply. These hands want to stitch!

  7. I have some applique blocks prepped and take those to work on when I have some time. We are going to babysit my GS for a week soon and it will be a perfect project for nap time.