Thursday, January 28, 2016

Elizabeth, it's the big one!

I love quoting Fred Sanford from the "Sanford and Son" old tv show! But really.....don't have a heart attack! I really am blogging just two days after my last post! Haha! I woke up last night at about 2:00 in the morning.....just wide awake! I refused to believe it, so I just tossed and turned, trying to get comfy enough to sleep again. Whatever you do, never blame the glass of wine, or the chocolate though! At about 3:00, I decided to just come downstairs and stitch....

I think I will frame this in an old frame, like this one from my book.....

I'm down to finishing up the middle stem and leaves now. I'm using a pretty linen that I over dyed. I'm planning to take it, and all my stuff that has been piling up in the dinning room, out to my sewing room this morning. I haven't been able to use my wonderful room for several weeks, due to my heat not working out there. My husband finally figured out what the problem was this past weekend, so it's nice and cozy now! Now if I only had an enclosed walkway to avoid the cold getting out to it! Haha!

Chester wasn't amused that I was keeping him awake with my light so early this morning...

He loves his bed,(our couch) which needs a new slipcover. He will be so happy when we head out to the sewing room this morning, because he loves going to work with mommy! Haha! He brings his squeaker toy out and everything!

Yesterday, I accepted a few more beautiful projects into Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine, that I know you will love! And if any of you are designers, or hope to be, please feel free to submit your designs to me! We need some more larger projects!

Okay, I must get to the sewing room and get moving, before I crash from not enough sleep! I wonder if an afternoon nap is in order? We'll see how much work I get done!


Have a wonderful day!!




  1. I do the same thing when I can't sleep. Have a great day & nap!

    1. Thanks Jackie! So far, I've managed to do some major "putting away" in my sewing room/ office!