Friday, February 17, 2012

Gone mad with paper piecing!

Here is my newest project! I have a little appliqué to do, then the quilting! I may use this for Small Quilts club, but don't know for sure yet! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. That is beautiful and definitely a lot of piecing, you have more patience then I do.


  2. So cute! What size are your blocks? I've been paper piecing 3" houses and having lots of fun going through my scrap baskets!

  3. Thanks Debbie and Gayle! Deb, it actually went really quick, with the paper piecing, because I really don't have much patience! That's why I have sooooo many unfinished large projects! Small ones suit me, since I don't get bored with them! Gayle, they are 6" blocks! I also have done some 3" houses! Used the pattern from my house and willow quilt in the first issue of the magazine! Just shrunk it down! Thanks again ladies!